4 April 2020 Nuremberg (DE)

To sweeten up the time until our next festival in summer 2020, we are currently on Gaggalacka Tour to visit you with a colorful program and psychedelic sounds in our luggage..

Of course the wonderful tradition of the Frankish Gaggalacka in Nuremberg, the Fraggalacka, is continued…

Fraggalacka #5

Saturday, 4th of April 2020

9:30 pm – 5 am

At the beginning of spring 2020 there is a very special Fraggalacka for this time … We’re getting a special „Goa“ PA from Turbosound for the mainfloor, which will caress our drumheads with its fat full-surround hi-fi sound. And consequently, this time we’ll go down from the BPM pedal to trancig-relaxed 145 things under the motto „back to the psychedelic origins“, as it is appropriate for a real Goa party 😉

On the mainfloor this time the DJs Superjuice, DJWieDu, Goaman, Badoulin and FutureMoon (JA! die Luna from Munich) will be our Masters of Sounds and send us on a wacky psychedelic journey. The KreativKeller provides the optical frame with a creative Goa-deco, and the Visuals by Hirntee crown it all. It will be super fine, be curious and look forward to it 🙂

And to make the yin and yang of a real Goa party complete, we‘ re building another ultra cozy ChillOut (this time with underwater ambience), with chilly sound by DJs Richie Rhythm, Dave Owl and Nëk. For the decoration in the chill and the delicious Chai the team of MerFarbenRausch will take care of it.

Program on 2 floors:

» Mainfloor – Goa Trance

DjWieDu (Space Family, Nuremberg – DE)
Superjuice (Gaggalacka / BuschBeatz, Nuremberg – DE)
Goaman (Gaggalacka, Erlangen – DE)
Badoulin (Gaggalacka / SeroTon / Haus33, Nuremberg – DE)
DJane FutureMoon (Weltenbummler Records, Munich – DE)

» Chill-Out

Richie Rhythm (Jack Bimski, Nuremberg – DE)
Dave Owl (KreativKeller, Nuremberg – DE)
Nëk ( Nuremberg – DE)

» Optics

KreativKeller ( Nuremberg – DE)
MerFarbenRausch ( Nuremberg – DE)
Visuals by Hirntee ( Nuremberg – DE)


» Extras

Chaishop by MerFarbenRausch ( Nuremberg – DE)

» Location

Frankenstraße 200
90461 Nuremberg


Eintritt nur ab 18 Jahren, Unkostenbeitrag: 12,- €

Spielregeln der Location:
Der Z-Bau ist ein weltoffener & diskriminierungsfreier Raum in dem alle willkommen sind, die diese Grundsätze teilen. Für Rassismus, Sexismus, Homophobie und andere Formen von Diskriminierung ist bei uns kein Platz. Einlass unter Vorbehalt.
Mehr Infos dazu, sowie zu unserem Leitbild, der Hausordnung und dem Jugendschutz unter: https://z-bau.com/service/spielregeln/

ⓘ Info:

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