20-04-2019 Dresden (DE)

After another successful festival in 2018 we are back on Gaggalacka Tour to visit you with a brightly colored program and psychedelic sounds. Of course there will also be a big party in Dresden again, the city where the Gaggalacka actually comes from… For that we will spare no effort and expense for Easter to create a „Gaggalacka Festival Flashback“ which gonna be a big blast. Fortunately the Monday after is also free 😉

Radio Gagga ~ Easterdelic Freakshow

Easter Saturday, 20th April 2019

Start: 10 p.m. (to OpenEnd)

Easter would be a super opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Dresden in Saxony… there is a lot of culture, like among other things this party…
We will try here to reflect some musical delicacies from the program of the Gaggalacka Festival 2018… Great for everyone who couldn’t be there and for those who don’t want to wait so long until the next festival. We will celebrate on 3 dancefloors and until OpenEnd. We hope to see the first sunny signs of summer during the day… Make a big mark for that in your party calendar 🙂

The complete information about the party will be available within the next weeks.
Here is the first insight:

Program on 3 dancefloors:

♫ 2 Psychedelic Floors:
✫ goa ✫ psytrance ✫ forest ✫ darkpsy ✫ suomi ✫ hightech ✫ psygressive ✫ twilight ✫ fullon ✫

Fagin´s Reject live! (Wildthings Records, London – UK)
Salakavala live! (HippieKiller Productions, Helsinki – FIN)
Bombax live! (Kamino Records, Hamburg – DE)
Igor Swamp live! (HippieKiller Productions, Helsinki – FIN)
Dunkelrob live! (Soundviecher / Fractalia Festival, Berlin – DE)
Hu-Gadam (Banyan Records, Kufstein – Austria)
Abralabim (Fractal Nebula Records / Discovalley Records, Berlin – DE)
Broth3rys – sG4rY & Merry:) (Purple Hexagon Records / Gaggalacka, Munich / Dresden – DE)
Lesharo (Fractalia Festival, Magdeburg – DE)
Psidelicat (Gaggalacka / BuschBeatz, Leipzig – DE)
Parállaxis (Gate to Goa Kollektiv / Ants of Trance, Chemnitz – DE)
DJane Miauhx (Kraempferkollektiv, Erfurt – DE)
Ogrim (Gaggalacka / Goapunxx / SektorEvolution, Dresden – DE)
Zwielicht & Dor Metalor (Goapunxx, Dresden – DE)
… plus 1 more – tba!

♫ Chill-Thrill-Kill-Out:
✫ downbeat ✫ glitch ✫ zenonesque ✫ proggy ✫ oldschool ✫ techno ✫ trance ✫ hippie music ✫

Hans Dunkelkammer live! (Pistolero Records / Quintessence Records, Berlin – DE)
Solar Sound Network live! (Waterlounge, Dresden – DE)
Voxel.Blue (Gaggalacka, Dresden – DE)
Protophoton (Traumfahrergilde, Dresden – DE)
Elec´Trigger (Gaggalacka, Dresden – DE)
Tscha-Main (Gailalda, Dresden – DE)
Kopfkasperle (Goapunxx, Dresden – DE)
PD Pappenheimer (Gaggalacka, Dresden – DE)
… plus 1 more – tba!

◔͜͡◔ Visuals:

… Info coming soon!

✪ Extras:

… Info coming soon!

» Location:

An der Eisenbahn 2
Industriegelände Nord
01099 Dresden

ⓘ Info:

Goabase | Facebook | Location

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