31 Dec. 2019 Berlin (DE)

Before we celebrate our next festival in summer 2020 with you we are back on Gaggalacka Tour to visit you with a colorful program and psychedelic sounds. After a long time we are finally back in Berlin and this time we celebrate a cozy New Year’s Eve party in a living room atmosphere to slide together with you into the gaggalacktical year 2020 with a very special program.

Gagga´s Elysium

New Years Eve (!!!) – 31st December 2019

10 pm – 2 pm

We are writing the year 2020 and according to the Gregorian calendar we are living in the year of the Gaggalacka… the airport BER is still not open, Bayer owns Monsanto- Trump belongs in a mental hospital and Boris is throwing the Kingdom back into the Dark Ages.
The world is constantly spinning and changing and we as the Astronauts on space ship earth take part of it – what remains are our friends and family and our love for Music.

Music can be therapy, a valve and abundance to fill the vacuum all at the same time.
A melody that brings people together where seconds become moments for eternity.
Language is the Music of the individual- Music is the language of the group…
Now imagine there is a place far away from your daily universe where we unite and play together, dance, party, drink and laugh together – in a world with no plastic plants where all humans become brothers and sisters.
In a world where our thoughts are weightless and where colours create an image and not a difference, where solidarity is a pillar and not a hollow claim, where it’s raining music from the sky and where we have a community which is Open and not selective.
A reward for all who do good deeds but receive very little in return.
An ideal world without envy and resentment – a world where only the Now counts and not Monday’s.

Welcome to our Elysium…the colourful underworld of the Gaggalacka Family ♥ !

Program on 3 dancefloors:

» 2 Floors @ Indoor (in alphabetical order)

Cryptical Concept live! (Dopetec Records, Tirol – AT)
Kounoupi live! (Horrordelic Records / Multifrequency Records / ExoMind Records, Berlin – DE)
Mazo Sadu live! (PopolVuh Records / Horrordelic Records, Berlin – DE)
Phasenverschiebungen live! (Zenon Records, Arnhem – NL)

Caro Sunshine (Gaggalacka / Plutonium-Klub / Fractalia, Berlin – DE)
Hans Dunkelkammer (Pistolero Records / Quintessence Records / Soupherb Records, Berlin – DE)
Hu Gadam (Banyan Records, Rosenheim – DE)
Matt:Er (Gaggalacka / Banyan Records, Nuremberg – DE)
MEiK (Gaggalacka / Plutonium, Berlin – DE)
Merry:) (Gaggalacka, Dresden – DE)
Miss Verständnis (Banyan Records / Chaishop.com, Duesseldorf – DE)
Pandu (Gaggalacka / Digedax, Berlin – DE)

» Tent Stage (in alphabetical order)

TuneUP Berlin Live Band! (Berlin – DE)

Jodachill (Independent, Berlin – DE)
Ogrim[izer] (Gaggalacka / Goapunxx, Dresden – DE)
Pardauz (LFP-Music, Berlin – DE)

» Optics

Nebokads Dream (Bavaria – DE)
Fraktalkinder (Gaggalacka, Halle/Saale – DE)
Fractal Portal (360° Projektion, Berlin – DE)

Nebokads Dream


» Venue

Velvet Monkey
Herzbergstraße 53d
10365 Berlin (- Lichtenberg)

» Tickets

Limited presale: 20 € per ticket (incl. Elysium poster and Speedy Boarding at the door)
available at Head over Heals, Weichselstr. 14, 10247 Berlin, Germany

at the door: 22 €

ⓘ Info:

Facebook Event | Goabase | Location

…and until then, continue to pay attention to each other, respect the freedoms and needs of your environment and don’t forget one thing above all: play with each other ♥

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