Mantravine – Gaggalackalaylo

by Mantravine – World Electronic Music Liveband from Singapore

Released by Gaggalacka Bandcamp (October 2018)

A catchy earworm that brings back the Gaggalacka feeling.

Our highlight of the Gaggalacka Festival 2018 was the World Electronic Band Mantravine from Singapore, who performed an unforgettable live show on Saturday afternoon. They also offered a workshop and wrote with some of you the song “Gaggalackalaylo”. Released exclusively and for free – a gift from Mantravine and Gaggalacka.

>>> Free Download @ Gaggalacka Bandcamp

Workshop of Mantravine @ Gaggalacka Festival 2018

Live performance of Mantravine @ Gaggalacka Festival 2018