VA – Gaggalacka Land

Compiled by DJ´s Ant & Merry:)

Released by Mind Expansion Music (August 2013)

Imagine yourself at a fabulous place in nature – on top of a hill between forest and a playground for children of all ages. Surrounded by lovely people who just wanna free themselves and dance away greed, fear, control of their lifes and other bugs of humanity…
We found a way! With the help of very talented musicians with a finely selected collection of 10 tracks to channel that energy into music, that helps you to reach that state of mind… Driving, blasting, psychedelic – just gagga…

The Gaggalacka Festival is based on its very special “Together Spirit” and takes place at every end of the summer season in the south of Germany since 2001.

After more than 10 years it is time to reflect a bit from its energy with this compilation. Enjoy the ride! Also available on CD.

Mastering by XaBBu. Artwork by Mistique.

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