Gaggalackalaylo by Mantravine & YOU!

A catchy earworm that brings back the Gaggalacka feeling:

Our highlight of the Gaggalacka Festival 2018 was the World Electronic Band Mantravine from Singapore, who performed an unforgettable live show on Saturday afternoon. They also offered a workshop and wrote with some of you the song „Gaggalackalaylo“ (see video below). This song is released exclusively  and for free at the Gaggalacka Bandcamp! A gift from Mantravine and Gaggalacka for you! And that’s not all: A whole album of Mantravine’s live set will be released right afterwards. Watch out! 😉

After their first gig in Europe this band had their fantastic gig at the Gaggalacka Festival and they want to come back next summer to tour in Europe. If you are planning an event, festival or have any connections where they can share their epic live show contact them: With your help they could play in Europe again. You can find more info and more music from Mantravine at