1011656_10152167395889989_155973103_nGaggalacka is not only a family-style PsyTrance festival, but also an association, with which we engage in charitable ways throughout the year in cultural and artistic projects. Different projects are developing which are finally aiming to form this festival.

For years now it’s the Together Spirit that has made Gaggalacka become what it is. We want to make it grow further by the means of our active association, so that new projects can develop and new talents can be discovered and as a consequence, our festival can improve its standards. You are all invited to contribute.

We announce all our projects beside the Festival and our Gaggalacka Tour at this point. And if you are interested in joining us, please feel free to contact us.

Next Project:

Gaggalacka @ Tolerade 2019


So far we realized and promoted the following projects:
– Healing-Workshops (Yoga, AcroYoga, Reiki)
– Decor- & Art-Workshops (Land-Art, Street-Art, UV-Art, Light Installations)
– DJ- and Producer-Workshops
– Remix- and Designer-Contests
– Creating Gaggalacka Compilations
– Performances (Theatre, Fire Dancers, Juggling, Puppet Theatre, Live Painting)
– Promoting upcoming musicians, decor artists, grafic artists and performers
– Organization of a tour in collaboration with event promoters in different cities
– Active supporting of befriended events such as Frühlingszaubertraum, Fractalia OpenAir
– Location scouting
– Common trips to Berlin, Dresden, Thuringia, Nuremberg etc.