16-11 Leipzig (DE)

After another successful festival we are going on Gaggalacka Tour, again to visit you to have a gaggalacktical party near you..

BuschBeatz meets Gaggalacka

Friday 16. November 2018

Start: 11 pm

The first stop of the Gaggalacka Tour of this indoor season is in Leipzig, where the BuschBeatz and the Gaggalacka join their forces again to have an unforgettable night with you on 2 floors. Both crews have picked out some highlights from the program of the Gaggalacka Festival:

Southwild is Jay, a veteran among the PsyTrance producers, also known as part of the Rastaliens. His name is an integral part of the line-ups of many international festivals around the world. He describes his unique sound style as slightly dark, a little weird, super groovy and spaced out, with a spark of madness! With two albums and numerous EP´s he has released on the UK label Wildthings Records, among others. After he jumped on the fast one as a replacement live act to rock Sunday at the Gaggalacka Festival 2018, he will now come to Leipzig for the first time and throw his crispy Psy-Sound in high production quality around your ears.

This will be rounded off with a gaggalactical music program, which will partly beam you into extraterrestrial spheres. The whole thing will be packaged by the master of UV worlds: Free Optics in cooperation with the new talents of the Gaggalacka Family and wicked video animations… It will be a blast!

A good opportunity to celebrate the gaggalactic indoor season together… A family meeting par excellence. It’s worth coming early… We are looking forward to you 🙂

Program on 2 dance floors:

♫ Psy-Floor:

Southwild live! (Wildthings Records, Berlin – DE)
Nullgrad live! (Banyan records / Gaggalacka, Nuremberg – DE)
DJ Ant (Mind Expansion Music / Gaggalacka, Berlin – DE)
Merry:) (Sangoma Records / Gaggalacka, Dresden – DE)
Caro Sunshine (Gaggalacka, Berlin – DE)
Paranarchy (Plutonium, Bavaria – DE)
Superjuice (Gaggalacka / Busch-Beatz, Nuremberg – DE)
MEiK (Gaggalacka, Berlin – DE)

♫ Chill-Thrill-Kill-Out:

Matt:Er (Banyan records / Gaggalacka, Nuremberg – DE)
DJ Ant (Mind Expansion Music / Gaggalacka, Berlin – DE)
Superjuice (Gaggalacka / Busch-Beatz, Nuremberg – DE)
Dr. Escher (Gaggalacka, Halle/Saale – DE)
Psidelicat (Gaggalacka / Busch-Beatz, Leipzig – DE)

◔͜͡◔ Visuals:

Free Optics (Berlin – DE)
Pranava Chill & Norkr (Halle/Saale – DE)
Busch Beatz (Leipzig – DE)
Mischlichter (Leipzig – DE)
Ki (Leipzig)
Œ. Vitax (Leipzig – DE)

» Location:

Markranstädter Straße 4
04229 Leipzig-Plagwitz

ⓘ Info:

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