15-12-2018 Halle/Saale (DE)

After another successful festival we go on Gaggalacka Tour again to visit you with a colorful program and psychedelic sounds to bring you a bit of the spirit of our festival. After we already rocked Leipzig in November, we’ll continue a few kilometres to the town Halle at the river Saale – in short: Halle/Saale…

Gaggalacka meets sOunDDpiratsquad

Saturday, 15th December 2018

Start: 11 pm

For the first time the Gaggalacka Family comes to Halle/Saale in Central Germany, one of the cities that has a large troupe of Gagga fans to offer. Therefore we join forces with the sOunDDpiratsquad crew to create an unforgettable night at the Hühnermanhattan Club.

This is the right place to get you on a gaggalacktical journey on 2 dance floors, acoustically as well as visually. Halle has a growing PsyTrance scene with many great talents. For example, the Chill-Thrill-Kill-Out-Floor of the Gaggalacka Festival 2018 with the wicked beetle stage was mostly created by artists from Halle, who will again be responsible for the design of the dancefloors at this party. Also musically Halle has a lot to offer, in the PsyTrance area as well as for Techno… This will be supported by selected competent Gaggalacka artists who will round off the program of the night in the Gagga way. We are proud to come to Halle for the first and hopefully not the last time and rock one of the best underground clubs in Germany – with the feeling of the past – like the parties were years ago, there they are still like that.

We would be delighted if you would support us actively and travel to Halle to celebrate with us the last opportunity for a gaggalactic family meeting this year. We are looking forward to seeing you!

Program on 2 dancefloors:

♫ Psy/Darkpsy Floor:

MEiK Shine (Gaggalacka / Plutonium-Klub, Berlin – DE)
Ogrim (Gaggalacka / Goapunxx, Dresden – DE)
Psidelicat (Gaggalacka / BuschBeatz, Leipzig – DE)
Dr. Escher (Gaggalacka, Halle/Saale – DE)
Nimuri (Gaggalacka, Halle/Saale – DE)

♫ Psytechno/Trance-Floor:

Hans Dunkelkammer live! (Pistolero Records / Quintessence Records / Gaggalacka, Berlin – DE)
Ogrimizer (Gaggalacka / SektorEvolution, Dresden – DE)
Kerajaan (Momentum, Leipzig – DE)
Malte Magnum & Tayo (Orgia-Crew, Halle/Saale / Dresden – DE)
Slim & Lekker (Halle/Saale – DE)

◔͜͡◔ Visuals:

Pranava Chill (Halle/Saale – DE)
Fraktalkind (Halle/Saale / Dresden – DE)
sOunDDpiratsquad (Halle/Saale / Dresden – DE)

✪ Extras:

Nightline – Enlightened through the night – Partyproject by Drops Halle

» Venue:

Hühnermanhattan Klub
Hordorfer Str. 4
06112 Halle (Saale)


ⓘ Info:

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