29 Nov. 2019 Frankfurt/Main (DE)

Before we celebrate our next festival in summer 2020 with you we are back on Gaggalacka Tour to visit you with a colorful program and psychedelic sounds. We are happy to be able to enjoy gaggalacktically the multicultural metropolis Frankfurt/Main for the first time…

Wanderzirkus meets Gaggalacka

Friday 29th November 2019

11 pm – 11 am

Surely you know „Alice im Wummerland“, a series of events from Mannheim, which for years has been considered the largest indoor PsyTrance party in southern Germany. This crew, which is now one of our favorite organisers, also goes on tour e.g. to the Tanzhaus West in Frankfurt/Main. We simply couldn’t refuse the invitation of the Wummerland crew to celebrate the Wanderzirkus party together with this crew. On the contrary: we are happy to celebrate a top-organized party with a gaggalactical program with you. And we hope that you are also there 🙂

You can expect a fully packed program on 3 floors! On the mainfloor in the Tanzhaus West you will go on a gagga-typical journey from deep psytrance over forest to darkpsy and back… The Dancefloor at Dora Brilliant is supposed to make you go off with Psygressive / Zenonesque sounds. Therefore we are proud that we could convince Radioactive.Cake from Berlin to play live for the first time after more than 2 years. The third floor in the café will be the Chill-Thrill-Kill-Out – a colorful mixture of downbeat, techno and world music.

The whole thing – as known from Wummerland and Gaggalacka – will be packed into a thick decoration package, which will definitely flash you. Plus some shops and surprises. On this occasion Frankfurt/Main can just be worth the trip 😉

Program on 3 dancefloors:

» Main Floor @ Tanzhaus West

Isometric live! (Gloom Music / Catar Records, Barcelona – ESP)
Substan live! (Subraum Records / Gaggalacka, Bautzen – DE)

Broth3rys (Purple Hexagon Records / Gaggalacka, Munich / Dresden – DE)
sG4rY (Sangoma Records / Gaggalacka / Wummerland, Munich – DE)
Astronom (SquareLab Music / Gaggalacka / Chaishop.com, Marburg – DE)
Merry:) (Gaggalacka, Dresden – DE)
Mutterkorn (Wummerland / Gaggalacka / Chaishop.com, Mannheim – DE)

» Psygressive @ Dora Brilliant

Radioactive.Cake live! (Glitchy.Tonic.Records, Berlin – DE)
Hans Dunkelkammer live! (Quintessence Records / Soupherb Records / Pistolero Records, Berlin – DE)

MEiK (Gaggalacka / Plutonium, Berlin – DE)
Psypha (BMSS Records / Wummerland, Heidelberg – DE)
Kosmotiks (Flauschi Productions, Karlsruhe – DE)

» Chill-Thrill-Kill-Out @ Café

Substan live! (Subraum Records / Gaggalacka, Bautzen – DE)

Legasthenics (Wummerland / Welttraum, Mannheim – DE)
Mutterkorn (Wummerland / Gaggalacka / Chaishop.com, Mannheim – DE)
Merry:) (Gaggalacka, Dresden – DE)

» Visuals

ExoMind Decoration (Berlin – DE)
c (Southern Germany)
Manic Organics (Wummerland, Mannheim – DE)
Visuals by Optikos (Frankfurt/Main – DE)

ExoMind Decoration

» Venue

Tanzhaus West
Gutleutstraße 294
60327 Frankfurt am Main

» Tickets

Now available at advance sale (while stocks last) @ Eventbrite

ⓘ Info:

Facebook Event | Tickets | Location | Wummerland

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