Review: Tour 2015 / 2016


Our Gaggalacka Tour 2015/2016 is over. We had 10 tour stops almost everywhere in Germany plus one in Amsterdam. In all, the program, the mood, the cooperation with the organizers was top notch. We are so overwhelmed that our idea of the Gaggalacka Tour had developed to something great with so much positive feedback.

Dear promoters of the Tour Stops, we thank you for the cooperation to realize the Gaggalacka party in your area. Each of the 11 Parties was unique and gaggalacktically great, the collaborations with you were great and uncomplicated. Unfortunately, we from the Gaggalacka crew were unable to appear on all of the parties. Firstly, there were too many tour gigs at the end, which were unpossible for us to perceive all of them, and secondly we were incidentally strongly busy of location scouting for the festival, etc.. The main thing of the tour was simply to give to our fans a Gaggalacka Party in their area and to infect new ones with the Gagga-fever – which has worked wonderfully 😉

Dear freaks, we just ask for your support: if you have made photos or/and videos from one/some of these tour parties, please send us the best of them! We want to show you all at this point, how great it was. Thank you so much!

We are in the consideration to provide another Gaggalacka Tour, but next time with less tour gigs .. Who of you want to present our tour stop in his town during the winter season? You can keep in touch with us via email to for a cooperation! Please understand, if our response needs a little time, because we’re just busy with festival preparation ..

Past tour gigs 2015 / 2016:

20 May 2016 – Munich (DE) – Gaggalacka meets Pachamama Dance @ Feierwerk

23 April 2016 – Dresden (DE) – Gaggalacka in der Chemiefabrik – Revival @ Chemiefabrik

16 April 2016 – Berlin (DE) – Gaggalacka meets Frühlingszaubertraum @ Malzfabrik

09 April 2016 – Nuremberg (DE) – Fraggalacka @ Z-Bau

08 April 2016 – Leipzig (DE) – Busch Beatz meetz Gaggalacka @ Elipamanoke

26 March 2016 – Amsterdam (NL) – – Trance Orient Express meets Gaggalacka @ Church Ruigoord

05 March 2016 – Strasskirchen (DE) – Gaggalacka trifft INS MITTN @ Plutonium-Klub

13 February 2016 – Würzburg (DE) – Gaggalacka visiting the Würzburg Zappelfraggles @ Labyrinth

29 January 2016 – Bremen (DE) – Gaggalacka meets DINGer @ MS Treue

14 November 2015 – Weimar (DE) – Busch Beatz meetz Gaggalacka @ Gerber

07 November 2015 – Muenster (DE) – Synæsthesia meets Gaggalacka @ Club Charlotte

944909_1036907743031961_4937911821923668813_ngagga_chemie_sticker_2016_220160416_fruehlingszaubertraum-2016_2016010413504820160409_fraggalacka_201512311132451511236_479763002215888_1408744100053495495_n (1)12573730_716338618467936_5045666545386599116_n 12633468_1692302451013253_244138260602573054_o (1) 20160213_gaggalacka-zu-besuch-bei-den-wuerzburger-zappelfraggles_2016010521211312171819_10153694934717171_1230306866_o20151107_synaesthesia-meets-gaggalacka_20150919224048

Some impressions of the Gaggalacka Tour 2015 / 2016:


Plutonium Straßkirchen






Ruigoord / Amsterdam