Gaggalacka 2021

Gaggalacka Festival 2021 – Rebellion of the Harlequins

our 20-year festival anniversary in late summer 2021

in the middle of Eastern Germany (between Berlin, Leipzig and Dresden)

Welcome to Gaggalacka 2021.
Welcome to the „Rebellion of the Harlequins“.

We invite all jugglers and trompets, all drums and prophets.
All swingers and rockets, the noisy ones and with every emphasis again please the late-comers.
We are looking for the utopians, lone wolves and lunatics.
Undiscovered artists and the enchanted.
We are looking also for the small and quiet ones, young and old.
Stupid and wise ones – and for us all a beautiful journey.
And so we call the army of harlequins to the cicle of fire.
To the fire-circle we call the army of harlequins.
And we will ask the harlequins to dance. To riot, to rebel.
We will go to the kingdom and request the king to dance.
We will dance together to this kingdom and make the harlequin the king and the king to a harlequin.
Because always when apathy, inflexibility and backward thinking is dominating, the world must be turned upside down..

And we rebel against seriousness and fear. We rebel against the but, but and but.
We demand happiness and peace for all. We demand open hearts.
We demand to open hearts.
We demand to send these hearts out to the edges of the world.
We demand to send these hearts out on the seas of the world.
We demand to send these hearts to every human, animal and plant in this world.
We ask nothing less than an unconditional love explosion… …or whatever they call it…
We demand now that everyone makes a real effort, because there’s lot of damned misery out there.

And for this quest we need all united powers which normally just dance in the shade, all the fourth-comers, all those who try and try again, the heart-warriors with a flame of hope in their hearts.

Welcome to the Rebellion of the Harlequins!

We’ll see you next year in even more colorful variety! Stay tuned and keep your ears open. You will get more info and an exact date of the festival within the next months here and in our eMail-Newsletter! We will try our best to not to let you wait very long for that! 😉