The musical journey will take place again at our 2 Dancefloors: the magical Psytrance-Floor and the Chill-Thrill-Kill-Out – the Alternative-Floor, where everything is possible 😉

The Festival will start Thursday 6pm with the WarmUp-Night at our Chill-Thrill-Kill-Out-Floor. On Friday Noon the Psytrance-Floor will lure you in as we will start with an enchanted Opening Ceremony and psychedelic music till Sunday Evening.

The Line-Up for both Floors was caringly put together, to indulge you with just the finest and innovative Underground-Sounds. From our chosen Newcomers to some international bombs – there will be something for everybody – variety and bridges between all different soundscapes for all those different times of the day.

For the Psytrance-Floor we even dare to go further into a more experimental realm as we like to look outside the psychedelic box. At the same time we will give you the contrast program on the other Floor, so that everybody will be happy. That’s all we can tell you for now 😉

Dear Artist, our musical program is already full. Please don’t send us anymore applications. We don’t have the time to answer them.

The Timetable will be shown and given to you at the Festival. Probably some information will leak through beforehand 😉

Also the names of the Masters of Visual Art and Performance we will keep for us for now. Because with no expectations you will be even more happily surprised 😉

However we would like to present some Specials from our Program bit by bit…So check out this website again..

>>> more info about Gaggalacka Festival 2020