Gaggalacka thrives from its contributors and its together-spirit. On this page we will introduce some options for you to participate in this year’s festival. As preparations continue new tasks arise, so make sure to check this page regularly.

Your mails are answered by various freaks from the Gagga-family in their free time, so please have some patience. We will be collecting your mails and answer at latest in spring/early summer.

Also please note that we will probably not be able to permit every request due to limited space.

On the festival site we will have a „job office“ at the Info-Point. Here you can volunteer for tasks around the festival and earn a refund for your festival ticket.


Gaggalacka offers a small marketplace filled with carefully selected, awesome stands. Our focus is on sustainability, fairness and passion. So if you own a small shop that doesn’t appear on huge festival, that focuses on creativity and individuality, feel free to apply for a stand to: – please describe your shop in detail, include pictures, if possible, and explain why you want to participate.

Please note that we are filled with food stands already. Please don’t send such requests anymore.

NEW: Wellness Area

This is a requiem for our good friend Alex who had a big passion for saunas. We decided to realize his idea in his spirit: A wellness-area containing a mobile sauna, a bathtub and massages. For this team we are looking for sauna-supervisors taking responsiblity for the sauna running. This includes sauna infusion, cleaning sauna and bathtub and the like. If you are a massage therapist or have a similiar profession, you are also welcome to participate. Contact

Healing Area

Yoga, energy-work, massages, mantras, sound bowls, everything connecting and healing shall once more have its own space at the lake: our beloved Healing-Area. If you want to participate, contact nd describe what your intend to contribute. We will put together a „timetable“ for the Healing-Area from among all applicants that will also be visible at the festival grounds. If you need, we will support you in finding participants for your workshops among the Gaggalacka guests.


Gaggalacka is a colorful place of various professions. Crafting decoration, making music, juggling or slacklinging, knowledge about consciousness and how to expand it, workshops on a more sustainable lifestyle – there is so much to contribute, so many ideas to be realised. If you wanna share a passion with your fellow Gaggalacka guests, contact describe your background, your vision and how to realise it within the festival. We can offer the Healing-Area or a small stage for your workshop. Then, we our team will craft the „timetable“ from all applicants that will also be visible at the Info.Point during the festival. If you need, we will support you in finding participants for your workshops among the Gaggalacka guests.

Thanks in advance 🙂

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