Festival FAQ

Gaggalacka Festival 2020 – Rebellion of the Harlequins

3th – 6th of September 2020

in the middle of Eastern Germany (between Berlin, Leipzig and Dresden)

Gaggalacka is a somewhat special festival. For it to stay that way, we want to establish some common grounds for all of us to feel safe upon. If we manage that, if we care for another and adhere to some tiny rules, we’re gonna to have some magical days together 😉

So please reade the following festival guide before purchasing a ticket.

Around The Festival:


Gaggalacka has always had its familial, small-circle atmosphere. We are doing our best to preserve not only that but also our festival location. Therefore, like in the last years, you are not gonna be able to purchase tickets at the gate. Entry to the location will only be permitted with a presale ticket.

You’ll find all the information regarding tickets here!

Kids / Youth Protection

The Gaggalacka is a festival that is only suitable for adults. The whole festival location is subject to all laws protecting the youth in public. Persons under the age of 18 are required a legal guardian. We’ve always considered ourselves a family-friendly festival, however, we cannot guarantee for the safety and wellbeing of your children. A written permission of the absent parents will not be accepted!


Please have your dogs stay with some loved ones at home or in a nearby dog hotel. A festival is too much noise, too much stress, just too much of everything for our furry friends, so throw them a bone and don’t bring them.
We put together a list of nice dog hotels around the festival location. Write an eMail to festival@gaggalacka.de to get it.

Arrival / Parking

If you bought a ticket, you’ll receive an eMail with the coordinates of the location approx. one month before the festival. So please keep the questions for yourselves. For now, all we’re telling is this: somewhere exactly in between of Berlin, Dresden and Leipzig 😉

For the festival grounds, we keep them as free of cars as possible, period. Crew-cars are enough of a distrain for nature. So we’re kindly asking to share rides of use public transportation. Use our Facebook Group or the Goabase Event to connect! There are local taxis and also busses as shuttles, so use these if you arrive at the train station.

Camping is already included in the ticket price. Because of tight parking spots and to encourage shared rides, this time we’re gonna charge a fee of 10 Euro per motor vehicle (same for car, caravan, bus, etc.). You pay directly at the gate, upon entering the festival location.


During The Festival:

Gaggalacka Spirit

If you’ve been there, you know us. If you’re new: Be welcome to the Gagga-Family 🙂
Gaggalacka – for quite some years now, this has been an alternative safe space of psychedelic experience. We embrace pluralism, open-mindedness and well-organised anarachy. This means, first and foremost our festival is about personal freedom of expression. Come as you are.

Freedom ends, though, where a fellow human is harassed or molested. This kind of behaviour, any kind of violence in general, is not going to be tolerated! Culprits will be expelled from the festival grounds immediately.

If you are impacted by harassment or violence, or if observe such, please refer to our security staff or the Info-Point immediately. Nobody is going to be left alone, no culprits shall be protected!


Camping space opens on wednesday, 2nd of September, 12 am. Please don’t arrive any earlier than that if you are not a part of the festival crew. You ought to have left the location until Tuesday, 8th of September, 6 pm. If you stay longer, we’ll have you help us clean up!

Because of tight camping space we kindly ask you not to build superstructures on the camping grounds. No pavillons, huge tent cities and whatnot. Camping space is the bedroom, so to speak. Let’s have the living room be our two floors, shall we?

For caravans and busses there is going to be a special caravan-camp.

The entire location is subject to laws protecting nature. Please be respectful towards our location and the camping grounds.

Bathrooms & Showers

Because our festival location is a campsite during the other 350 days of the year, we have awesome stationary sanitary equipment including showers! Additionally, we’re going to have ecological and regular festival toilets around the entire place. Thus, please refrain from using nature for your needs.

Regarding showers, for 1,50 Euro you can purchase a coin allowing for four minutes of hot water.

Bathing in the lake

Well, this is somewhat „gagga“, which is german for „crazy“. Officially, our territory ends at the shore. There is not going to be an official lifeguard safeguarding the waters. So please bathe responsibly and – very important – sober!

First Aid

First Aid staff and Psy-Care are located directly at the Info-Point, in the middle of the location.
Please care for another. If you see someone having a hard time, please aid that person and inform First Aid, Info-Point and/or bar staff so we can take care. Consider everyone your family and nobody has to be left alone. Thank you!

Fire / Grills

This is important. We hope you’re fired up for our artists, but please don’t light any fires. Not on the beach, not in the woods, not on the campsite. If there’s gonna be fire, we are doing that!
This is because our location is very, very sensitive. Even tiny fires can cause permanent distrain to local nature. We are going to have a firespaceffor you to heat up food, so no need for you to do so.

As for smoking, please use pocket ashtrays. We really shouldn’t have to point this out. We’ll have some available for you at the Info-Point.

Private Soundsystems

Same for soundsystems: If there’s a bass array running, that’s us. Period.

Local nature & wildlife

The entire location is subject to laws protecting nature. Therefore, we ask for special consideration while on the festival grounds. Don’t litter, pick up your cigarette butts and use our fantastic sanitary equipment.


We know that everybody produces some garbage while on a festival. However, please take responsibility for your trash and dump it in the containers ready at the Gate and the Info-Point, not in the woods. There is not going to be a garbage fee, so we require your cooperation.

Special notice: Tents, leftover furniture and whatnot obviously count as garbage. Just don’t bring stuff you intend to leave and we’re all going to have a good time.


We will have three food stands offering a wide array of cuisine: vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options in a sweet or spicy fashion are all available. Additionally, there’s gonna be coffee, juice and ice cream. „Liquid food“ of all kinds is available at our two bars.


There’s also gonna be a selected number of small shops offering handcrafted goods, books, and the iconic Gaggalacka shirts. Next to the Info-Point there’s gonna be a „festival shop“ offering all necessities for a weekend in nature. If you need a wider selection, the next regular supermarket is located about a kilometer from the location.


Here you can purchase shower coins, get a printed map or timetable and charge your phone. Also, Info-Point provides information concerning the location, the festival itself and the community behind it. They’re your friendly festival guides, if you will. Info-Point is marked on all festival maps.

Drugs and other stuff

If you bring and/or sell illegal drugs, your ticket is automatically revoked and you will be expelled from the festival grounds. Gaggalacka is not outside the law. Additionally, weapons and psyrotechnics of all kinds are strictly forbidden.

No Glass at the Beach

We ask you not to bring anything made from glass to the beach. If only a single bottle breaks, everybody, especially those running barefoot (and that’s a lot of people) is gonna have a bad time.

Confetti & Glitter

Confetti and Glitter are a nightmare to clean up and an even greater nightmare for wildlife if it stays behind. If it gets into the lake, it becomes a full-blown disaster. So just don’t confetti or glitter around anywhere.
We recommend blowing some bubbles instead. Those are more colorful and more fun anyway. Please use ecological liquid though, considering our protected location.

Graffiti & Stickers

We support underground art, however, please refrain from tagging or stickering on nature, the toilet booths and our constructions. We will provide art space for you. Check the website again sometime later, we will have a Participate page for you.


There is no „but what about…“ here. Whoever displays a Nazi-Swastika, other Nazi symbols and/or whoever utters right-wing propaganda is immediately going to be expelled from the festival grounds. Gaggalacka wants radical intertwinement, radical mixture, on all levels.

Photography & Videos

Please don’t harass other guests with your camera, as dancing is a private activity, too. If you must, ask for permission first!
We are going to have experienced photographers around the festival, recording audiovisual memories from Gaggalacka, so you don’t have to. Of course we’re sharing these pictures and videos with you after the festival 🙂
Legal notice: By purchasing a ticket and entering the location you agree to pictures and videos of yourself being taken on the festival grounds. If you want to get edited out afterwards, please contact festival@gaggalacka.de.

Lost & Found

If you lost or found something, please refer to the Info-Point. If you notice a loss after the festival, please contact lost@gaggalacka.de, preferably with a description and pictures of the item(s). Your query can be posted in our Facebook Group. Any lost items not claimed within three months after the festival will be donated to Dresdner Tafel e.V., an organisation aiding people in the German town of Dresden.


We know you’re all little anarchists severly allergic to getting told what to do 😉
Nevertheless, if security personnel is speaking, you are required to listen. Orders from security, from festival organisation and from crew personnel are to be followed immediately and without discussion!

Severe Weather / Pandemic / Epidepia

If weather conditions or the case of a pandemic/epidemic during the festival pose a danger to life and liberty of our guests, artists and/or personnel, the festival organisation may halt the event at any time. If the festival is cancelled because of weather conditions or of a pandemic/epidemic, a municipal decision or reasons intangible by the festival organisation’s actions tickets are not going to be refunded. The Gaggalacka e.V. is not liable for damages resulting from a delay and/or cancellation of the event because of aforementioned reasons.


Each guest is personally liable for damages caused by him/her. The Gaggalacka e.V. is not liable for damages resulting from artistic performance.
If you lose your festival wristband you are not entitled to compensation.
As per German law, regarding own and other persons’s actions, Gaggalacka e.V. is only liable for damages resulting from ill intentions and/or negligence.
That aside, Gaggalacka e.V. still might be liable for damages resulting from negligence of „cardinal duties“ regarding ticket contraction. Moreover, Gaggalacka e.V. might be liable for damages resulting from negligent action of the crew or a legal representative of Gaggalacka e.V.

Last but not least: This is going to be sooooo awesome with all you <3

Until then, keep safe spaces safe and have fun 🙂

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