Venue / Festival Rules


The small tribe from the stone pit, the playground-gang and the sandcastle builders with the Together-Spirit is back again …

After a way too long self-chosen break that felt „40 years in the desert“ our small, now nomadic festival is finally moving on again. We planted our flag on a small venue with a lake, which offers a lot of space for your inspirations and dreams. We hope it will wave there for a long time – we are more than happy to be able to invite you to this truly beautiful and most varied venue we ever had the chance to call home for our festival.

This new venue is located in the beautiful district of Sachsen-Anhalt (East Germany), close to Wittenberg, around 125 km south of Berlin, and around 70 km north of Leipzig. We will soon inform you about the precise coordinates of the venue, right after the ticket presale.

The center of our festival will be a bewitching small forest, which is going to host our Chill-Thrill-Kill-Out-Floor, which we want to set up even more colorfully and with even more love to small details.

Directly at the beach will be the PsyTrance-Stage as well as our gaggalacktical Fire-Space..

Slightly off the busy turmoil, we will be offering different Workshops and our Healing Area , which will offer you the possibility to recharge your energy levels. More information on this will be revealed soon …

All details about the location, travel etc. you will get after receiving your ticket about one month before the festival via eMail from us.

Festival Rules

Please be aware: In order to make Gaggalacka a smoothly running procedure and an enriching experience for all of us, we request you to consider the following points before buying your festival ticket:

You can find all details about the Gaggalacka tickets at Tickets.

Our festival will be one with as little cars as possible. So please consider this when planning your travel. Please make sure to travel in groups – you are most welcome to use Goabase or Facebook to coordinate with each other. For those of you traveling by train, there will be taxis picking you up at the next train station and dropping you there as well after the festival. Also in this regard, it would make sense to coordinate in order to keep your costs as low as possible. You will receive all further information after the purchase of your ticket.

This year, we established a car-free Camping Spot for your tents. We therefore would like to ask you to either use public transport or share cars with others. All cars will have to be parked outside the festival, just around 2 minutes by walk from the camping site.
In the Caravan Village & Family Space – just slightly off the beaten track but not too remote – we will create a little village with all those arriving with their caravans, trailers and hippie vans.

Our festival is subjected to the laws of protection for children and minors of the Federal Republic of Germany. Children and minors below the age of 18 are only allowed to enter the festival together with a legal guardian – please be prepared to proof this, if requested! Kids and adolescents of less than 18 years of age do not require a ticket in case the guardian has acquired a presale ticket. „Muttizettel“ (mother´s sheet) with a permission of the parents, that the child or the minor is accompanied by another adult, are rejected by us rigorously.

Before acquiring a ticket, please make sure that you are obliged to take full responsibility of your child during the full period of the festival. The festival cannot be held responsible in case of any accident. We therefore need to trust in as well as count on your responsibility concerning your kids’ well being, especially during the nights of the festival. We do understand ourselves as a family-friendly festival, but cannot officially invite you to bring your kids, as we perceive festivals not as good places for children and adolescents. Your kids can of course take part at the daily activities. There will be also a minigolf-course as well as a small playground. But please do keep in mind that our venue will be much smaller this year, and the distance between dancefloor and camp won’t be 500 meters again.

Please leave your dogs at home. We feel that loud volume causes lots of stress, equally for animals and human beings. If you bring animals, this equals animal abuse for us and does not contribute to a friendly festival atmosphere.

Entrance is going to open at Wednesday, August 29th at 12 noon. Only up from then, you will be able to enter the venue. Please make sure to leave the festival area by Monday, September 3rd 6 pm the latest.

There is no need to bring your hiking shows, as we will have only few bushes at the venue, and they will be fully illuminated. Additionally, there will be a neat and clean washing area with toilets and showers, which will be cleaned regularly. There will be a few Eco-Toilets additionally so that you can use toilets for every occasion. Please make sure to follow our strict leave-no-trace policy, especially when it comes to number 2 😉
4 Minutes of hot shower will cost you 1,50€. This is a condition that has been set up by the venue owner.

This topic is a rather gagga one this year. The venue of the festival will end with the shore, which can be a bit flexible, depending on mother nature. Please do not worry about this. We are also not worried about you in case you wanna go for a swim, if you do it soberly and only during the day. Please keep in mind that swimming is an activity you do at your own risk and outside the festival area. There will be no official life savers. Children should be accompanied by their parents.

Waste is unavoidable, but we still request you to avoid unnecessary packings and bring some ecological sensibility instead. We won’t ask for a waste-deposit and simply trust in your collaboration. You can get trashbags at the entrance as well as the Info Point. Please do not leave waste or tents behind when leaving the festival. We do not wish to have visitors amongst us leaving their space full of waste. Thanks to all others for their collaboration. There will be portable ashtrays for all smokers at the entrance as well as the Info Point.

The element of fire is an important aspect of Gaggalacka, which we will be represented in the form of our Fire Space, including some unique fire artists as well as a constantly supervised official firepit. Autonomous campfire are strictly banned on the whole festival area. This includes the forest, the camp grounds, the beach and all other areas. We are located in a sensitive and preservable venue, so we also need to request you to be sensitive in this matter. As we can offer you different culinary choices at 4 different food stands, bringing a barbeque grill is not required.

Please note that selling and consuming drugs is not allowed at the whole festival area as well as the camping grounds. Gaggalacka is no extralegal space, so those of you who get caught will be thrown out of the festival and may have to prepare for legal persecution.

Out of consideration to the other attendees, we request you not to bring any own soundsystems to Gaggalacka. Give some friends a ride instead of using the space in your car for your speakers.

Confetti and glitter are very difficult to remove from nature and technical equipment. Therefore, please refrain from using it. Those of you being caught throwing confetti may have to clean the whole beach. In case the stuff is going to end up in the water, we are going to be in big trouble (landscape protection law).
Blowing bubbles is way more fun. But please do not use fluorescent brine, as the toxic pigment is going to put a layer on decor as well as living natural organisms. Would be a pitty, wouldn’t it?

Trash bags, timetable, hotlines, time, taxi phone numbers as well as portable ashtrays will be available here – at the centrally located Info Point. You wish to support us spontaneously as Helping Hands in order to get your ticket refunded? The Info Point knows best where helping hands are needed. But also information concerning the surrounding area can be accessed at the Info Point, as well as essential insights into the Gaggalacka Association and the festival in general.

Lost something? The Info Point is hosting a Lost & Found as well. It is going to be opened throughout the festival as well as during monday at daytime. Once the festival has ended, you are most welcome to send us an email concerning your lost items: As soon as we find the time, we will definitely make sure to check if your precious goods have been found. Everything that will stay with us until the end of 2018 will be donated to a charitable organization.

Directly next to the Info Point we will be hosting a First Aid Tent, including a Psychedelic Ambulance. You can appraoch the people working there with all of your minor and bigger health issues during the festival. In case of serious injuries or health conditions, we can only offer you to call a doctor (112).

Please do whatever you feel is accurate for the situation you are in and respect at any time the needs of your fellow festival attendees. Be sensitive while using your camera. It is understandable that not everybody is happy with his or her images floating freely around the internet. There will be 2 or 3 photographers who are working with us for years already. They will carefully compile an album with the best images which we will of course share with you. So please be assured that there will be pictures taken of you. Please make sure to wear some fancy clothes and keep smiling 😉

You forgot something? There will be a small shop at the festival which may be able to offer substitutes for your missing items. 1,5 km from the festival you will additionally have the chance to use the services of a discounter.

Please make sure to always follow the instructions of our security-, venue and festival-staff. They all act in the best intention fort he festival. So respect their orders and advices.

Please respect the nature around the festival area, the camping ground and the surroundings and act consciously while being in the nature. Leave no trace, clean your camping area, use toilets for all and everything, don’t use the lake for washing yourself or your clothes and leave nature alone in general. It will be thankful, as we will be 😉


In case we all get this straight you can be assured that things will turn out beautiful fort this years’ Gaggalacka. ♥ ♥ ♥

So please take care of each other, respect each others’ liberties and most importantly: play with each other!