Important part of the Gaggalacka is the Together Spirit, for that we offer a platform to participate at the festival. Since the festival is small and remains small, our space is not enough for so many willing people as they asked us.

We are completely overwhelmed by the mass of inquiries, especially by numerous talents. All areas are already covered. Therefore, we do not wish any more inquiries about the following areas: Shops (any stalls), Decoration, Helping hands, Psy-ambulance, Healing-Area and Workshops !!!

But still like to look back on this page. We will certainly advertise a pretty cool action within the next few weeks and show you what to expect in the healing area and at the workshops.

Please understand that we need some time to answer your questions. We from Gaggalacka e.V. organize the festival as volunteers alongside our Real Lifes.
Inquiries for the areas we do not need for the festival, and which we already cancel here on the website, we will partly unanswered.


And we still need your help:

Mobile sauna wanted

We have a vision: We want a sauna at the Gaggalacka Festival. Now the question for you: Does anyone know who can bring an already finished mobile sauna with all the trimmings and can take care that it can be used. For every useful tip we are grateful, who realizes our vision –
via eMail to – for that tip, which brings a sauna to our festival, we would give free admission.