Important part of the Gaggalacka is the Together Spirit, for that we offer a platform to participate at the festival. Since the festival is small and remains small, our space is not enough for so many willing people as they asked us.

We are completely overwhelmed by the mass of inquiries, especially by numerous talents. All areas are already covered. Therefore, we do not wish any more inquiries about the following areas: Shops (any stalls), Decoration, Helping hands, Psy-ambulance, Healing-Area and Workshops !!!

Interactive Drum Circle for the Opening of the Main Floor
The Mainfloor will open on Friday at High Noon (12 noon) with an interactive drum circle. Yngo Gutmann & Marlene Wolf (directors of the drum school Leipzig) will bring 30 drums and together with those of you who want to participate, they will build up the energy of the Mainfloor for one hour. This only applies to Gaggalacka ticket holders!
People come together through drumming in a team and form a strong unity. They experience the power of the rhythms that connect them and at the same time strengthen the individual. In a very short time an orchestra of several voices is formed. And you are welcome!

The program for the Healing Area as well as the Workshops and other interactive activities will be posted at the InfoPoint.

You wish to support us spontaneously as Helping Hands in order to get your ticket refunded? Just ask in the InfoPoint, they will know where we are in need.

Please understand that we need some time to answer your questions. We from Gaggalacka e.V. organize the festival as volunteers alongside our Real Lifes.
Inquiries for the areas we do not need for the festival, and which we already cancel here on the website, we will partly unanswered.