Gaggalacka 2018

Gaggalacka Festival 2018 – The Inner Circus

30. August – 2. September

The next Gaggalacka festival will take place at the end of the summer in the venus year 2018. And like always, it will be something very special again. Below you can see the countdown of the time until the festival.

As at the festival in 2016, we have made a limited ticket pre-sale to ensure that the spirit of the festival is preserved. Although the interest in Gaggalacka is growing, we do not want to mutate into a commercial festival. All tickets are already sold out! There will be definitively no tickets at the gate.
All details about the location, travel etc. you will get after receiving your ticket about one month before the festival via eMail from us.

First information about the new location, the program, tickets and the answers to many questions can be found here:

Venue / Festival Rules

Venue The small tribe from the stone pit, the playground-gang and the sandcastle builders with the Together-Spirit is back again … After a way too long self-chosen break that felt „40 years in the desert“ our small, now nomadic festival is finally moving on again. We planted our flag on a small venue with a […]


The musical program on our 2 Dancefloors (PsyTrance + Chill-Thrill-Kill-Out) has been extended to include a few new psychedelic wishes, but we also attach great importance to all the talents that we have discovered on our many trips and our Gaggalacka Tour. These include u.a. DJ Psidelicat from Leipzig, Badoulin from Nuremberg, Jorine from Hamburg, […]

Tickets (sold out)

The very last chance: As promised, there will be a small action as soon as there are return tickets for the Gaggalacka Festival. There are now, but only a few. From Saturday 28 July at 3 pm we will offer the last 50 tickets for sale. In the new Marandai shop in Berlin-Kreuzberg, with the […]


Important part of the Gaggalacka is the Together Spirit, for that we offer a platform to participate at the festival. Since the festival is small and remains small, our space is not enough for so many willing people as they asked us. We are completely overwhelmed by the mass of inquiries, especially by numerous talents. […]

In the meantime we will be back with a few indoor parties here and there with our Gaggalacka Tour – maybe we will meet you there..

Here is a small pre taste, what you may expect in approximately:

Official Aftermovie des Gaggalacka Festivals 2016 by Serhat Divrik – Ommdesign
2nd Camera by Silvio – RaveAnimals | Kopfrauschen – Visual Animation by Doreen Kraban