Review: Gaggalacka 2018

Design by Ommdesign – Serhat Divrik

Dear Gaggalackticans,

thank you very much for your amazing feedback, which you sent to us through different channels – that’s why we do it – you, the greatest guests one can wish for as a festival, have once again contributed the best part. The ways you played along, smiled, rocked the floor and enjoyed the festival; the way you left the camping areas all clean and impressed the locals in a super-positive way. Therefore, YOU are the first to whom we wish to express our gratitude!

This also proven by our “Inner Circus” concept. As in 2016 we have decided to limit the number of tickets in order to preserve the family character and only have the right guests with us, namely you. None of us expected that the tickets would be sold out within 25 hours despite no commercial advertising. Also the fact that you showed pure love to our festival despite an announced Line Up convinced us to stick to our unique festival concept. Many thanks for that!

As the fantastic location at Mondsee was only available for us in 2016, we found ourselves in the position of a nomadic festival. So once again, we had to channel all of our efforts into finding a new suitable playground. After investing a lot of time and energy as well as spending endless hours driving around the eastern German countryside, we finally and fortunately came across the small, wonderful campsite in the in the South of Saxony-Anhalt. At first it wasn’t clear to us whether we would be able to realize our festival at all, given the size of the campsite. Our strict rules concerning the car-free camping area, which still was too densely populated have been the target of some criticism before. Still, the positive aspects such as constantly well-frequented dancefloors and closely knit neighbourhoods at the camping ground appeared to make up for these minor inconveniences.

The main reason for making our freaky festival possible could take place in this region and on this location can be found in the incomparably good cooperation with the authorities and the location operators. After an initial period of mutual scepticism towards each other, our collaboration became the best we could have ever wished for. We were able to show that an event of this size can take place without any violence or vandalism. And that is exactly why we are all the more welcome with the Gaggalacka. And we will stay!

For three weeks, the campsite became a really fantastic construction site with a dream team. We can only thank Xaver, Phil, Maik, Doro and all the others who created this team. For everyone it was a feeling like a holiday in a family with a lot of beautiful things came into being. Tools turned into toys to create a spaceed world out of tons of wood and screws, which we really succeeded in doing well.

A crew that has to work hard of course needs to be fed well. Alex, one of our great treasures, who died surprisingly in May 2019, served 5-star meals for everyone and surprised us over and over again with his heavenly skills. Alex, may you rest in peace, you will never be forgotten!

Of course we also give a big thank you to all the musical artists who contributed their best to give Gaggalacka musical identity. Artists from India, Malaysia, Singapore, France, England, Finland, the Netherlands and the whole of Germany were there to raise the bar high above all expectations and speculations on musical directions that could be taken on the 2 floors. Curating the program in a more varied and experimental way as well as finding suitable substitutes for last minute cancellations of artists definitely shows once again the passion and strive for improvement that drives our crew in all different departments. Gary & Chris, who need to be mentioned as responsible for these efforts, deserve a big thank you as well. Thanks to Caro Sunshine as well for putting the cherry on the pie with her AfterHourn session on Sunday night. Of course also Paul, responsible for the naked fire dance at the end of our event, needs to be mentioned here. Thanks, buddy 🙂

Here are some acoustic flashbacks from the festival:

Let’s round it all up by mentioning a few highlights: In this regard, of course the live band Mantravine from Singapore needs to be mentioned. The four members who made their way to Germany exclusively for Gaggalacka showed us a fantastic time with a phenomenal interactive live show in our Chill-Thrill-Kill-Out floor. The „Gaggalackayo“-Song, which was created together with you during a music workshop, proofs this impressively:

Diligent helpers such as the entry crew, the info point, the stage managers, the garbage angels, security guards, the volunteer fire brigade Prettin, the hardworking technicians, the bar staff, the shuttle drivers, toilet cleaners, fire attendants and wood collectors, and all the others who have volunteered their part, form the pillars of what we are able to offer you in the form of Gaggalacka. We would be nothing and there would be no festival without those boys and girls, being ready to give all their efforts and energies without expecting big payments or special treats. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for existing and for your selfless commitment!

Another thank-you goes out to the numerous performers and workshops, which were able to draw a big spell upon many visitors present at Gaggalacka. The fire players who juggled and sparked all night long, and the live painters, bubble wizards etc. deserve equal appreciation – we want to see you all again! Your performances were nothing but a feast for the senses.

At this point we would like to thank Fabian, Micha, Martina and Rudi from the location for helping us in all areas, such as in finding ways for encountering and approaching permanent campers and neighbours to plea for their patience with us, and especially the metal builder Schneider for his extra-terrestrial support.

Last but not least we- association and festival members – would like to thank Marian aka. Merry:) for his visions, which ensure the preservation of the spirit and have been welding our community together for years. Without your love, passion, patience and understanding for the individual uniqueness of all the contributors mentioned above, there would be no Gaggalacka.

For now, we are already looking forward to the next edition of our gaggalacktical festival with you, most likely in 2020. We will stick again to our strategy of limiting tickets in order to accommodate a similar number of guests. Nonetheless, we will optimize the strategy of the ticket presale, with the aim of guaranteeing a more fair and balanced distribution of tickets amongst those with active online as well as offline lives. Instead of putting increased efforts in promoting the festival, we will try our best to guarantee quality improvements while keeping things underground and non-commercial. Therefore, we recommend to check this website from time to time, as news will be published here first. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to receive regular updates concerning our festival as well as other events.

In the meantime we will hopefully have the chance see each other here and there at our Gaggalacka Tour.

So to sum things up we’d like to invite (as always) to join our philosophy: continue to pay attention towards each other, respect the freedoms and needs of your environment,
and especially: play with each other 🙂

Your Gaggalacka Family


Here a small selection of photos of the Gaggalacka


Here a small selection of videos of the Gaggalacka

*** all aerial photographs – made by Serhat Ommdesign | the other pictures from Caro Sunshine, Nashas Huk, Daniel Zart