Review: Gaggalacka 2016


What an unforgettable Dream! Even we ourselves can’t believe to what our baby, the Gaggalacka, has grown to.


After we had to leave our beloved stonepit in 2009 as well as the Hobbit-country in Thuringia in 2014, we faced a lot of work and high aspirations in order to find a new playground. When we in the process of rising up against all the obstacles encountered the Mondsee (moon lake) in May 2016, we immediately knew: This is good enough for us as well as for you guys, let’s call the crew together, we’re finally ready to continue 🙂 In only 4 months and with a lot of support from the befriended crew of Fractalia-Open-Air, we conjured the festival out of nothing – and each one of you who has tried to put a tent peg into that soil knows how much force and strength it takes to make things happen on these grounds.


A big thank you goes out of course to all the busy and creative ones. We are more than proud about the fact that you guys managed to channel all your ideas into this artistic synthesis.
Blood, sweat and tears of both exhaustion and pure joy were shed. So far, we’ve never had a more intense process of collaboration during the process of setting up the festival. But our constant companion was the big smile on our face when we thought of you guys wandering around the festival.

Because the biggest share of why our festival works so well is thanks to YOU! The presale as well as the minimal promotion have been rewarded. And that is why we exactly get the right crowd: the best attendees a Psytrance-Festival could ever wish for. Starting with this special playful energy at the dancefloors, continuing with this certain smile you can find on every corner, the feeling of solidarity and dji_0295open-mindedness towards other guests, culminating in the cleanliness of the whole festival-area: Simply unbelievable!!!

All the pictures and videos are not even getting close to how much fun you all had, dancing in the sun as well as the rain, showing us your deepest inner feelings, without shame. Seeing this, we are moved to tears, this is simply incredible for us. It’s deeply touching to watch you guys doing what you do, this is already enough of a reward for us. ?

The common ground bringing all of us together is of course the music which we all love so much. Countless newcomers as well as established names on equally high levels have delivered top quality sets without exception. Thanks to around 50 artists from France, the UK, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy, Malaysia, Australia, and all around Germany. Here are some acoustical flashbacks:

The closing DJ set of the MainFloor on Sunday afternoon was an almost 4-hour PingPong show of almost 10 DJ’s, some from the LineUpand some partly from the circle of friends of the Gaggalacka. We hope you have as much fun as we do, because from now on, we will make this a tradition 🙂 How wild it was, can be heard here.

dji_0290The little Healing Area close by the beach was filled with attractions like never before, which caused big excitement. There was a lot being offered, including Yoga, Reiki, Acroyoga, Presentations and much more, just to name a few. Thanks to everybody involved, being reponsible for recharging our energetic and spiritual batteries.

Such a festival would generally never work out without all those helping hands. Therefore, we’d like to give a big Thanks to the Entry-Crew (which had to work without barcode scanners), the Info-Point, the Catering, the Stage-Managers, the trash-collecting Angels, the reliable Securities, the First Aid Crew, the buy Technicians, the Drivers, the Toilet-Cleaners, the Tent-builders, the Fire-caretakers, the Wood-collecors, and everybody else who contributed without financial motives to this unforgettable jubilee-edition of Gaggalacka.

5Our special Thanks goes out to the entire Fractalia-Crew, who has been on spot since the very first second, and who were the last to leave the venue after 2 weeks of work like it would be about saving the world. Because of this, we would like to express a special thanks to these guys as well as our gratitude about the bond that has grown between us. We love you guys! ?

Another big Thanks has to go out to all those workshops and performances, that were partly spontanously established, such as the fireplayers, making the night at Gaggalacka become a jonglage spectacle. Also the blacklight painters, the creative workspace, the hoola hoop acrobats, soap bubble actors can not be missed in this occasion … we would like to see all of you again! Thanks for pleasuring our senses!

6Last but not least we would like to thank the venue owners and their crew as well as all the public offices closeby for their unique support. A special thank you goes out to the facility manager, the securities as well as the steady campers who were constantly supporting our to them probably crazy ideas, supplying us even their own tools to realize them.

We are gaggalacktically looking forward to 2018, we have a lot of plans, quite some improvements and a lot more shenanigans in mind for you. Below you can see the countdown in order to get an idea about how much time is left for our next adventure together. But for sure we will see and hear each other at one or the other Gaggalacka Tour-Stop… .

Along these lines:
Keep on taking care of each other, respect the freedoms and needs of your surroundings, and above all:
Keep playing with each other.

Your Gaggalacka Family.


Here a small selection of photos of the Gaggalacka


Official Aftermovie of the Gaggalacka Festival 2016 by Serhat

*** all aerial photos – made by Serhat Ommdesign | all Prisma pictures – made by Iualia Cleopatra