Gaggalacka Festival is a Psytrance festival of a special kind. Since a couple of years, it marks the end of the German Open Air season and has become sort of the traditional summer closing-gathering.

Music, decor, performances and the spirit of creating “together” a project that aims for mutual understanding and communion with non-commercial ideas symbolize the pillars of our small festival. We restrain from commercial advertisement, profit oriented entrance fees.

Gaggalacka 2021

Gaggalacka Festival 2021 – Rebellion of the Harlequins our

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Gaggalacka – the Rebellion of Harlequins. To revolt is

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Dear Gaggalackticans, thank you very much for your amazing

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What an unforgettable Dream! Even we ourselves can’t

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Wow, wow, wow! Each year anew … And this year