Gaggalacka Tickets – sold out!

The very last chance:

As promised, there will be a small action as soon as there are return tickets for the Gaggalacka Festival. There are now, but only a few.

From Saturday 28 July at 3 pm we will offer the last 50 tickets for sale. In the new Marandai shop in Berlin-Kreuzberg, with the lovely boys and girls who rocked us incomparably the presale at last May.

Certainly wonderful to combine with a weekend trip to Berlin.

Adress: Marandai, Gneisenaustraße 99, 10961 Berlin (close the Bergmann district / Yorkstraße)

The price per ticket is 77 Euro (incl. presale fee) for 4 days Gaggalacka Festival…

… for every ticket purchase you get a gaggalactic goodie for free.

This is your very last chance to get a ticket for our festival 2018!

Please no pushing – always be kind to each other – not everything is always possible for everyone at the same time. – please accept this – and please: play together!

Good luck 🙂

That was almost too fast. None of us expected that. After only 25 hours of presale all tickets for the Gaggalacka Festival 2018 are completely sold out!
Even the servers at Marandai have almost collapsed due to the unexpectedly massive onslaught.

Sorry to all who were now too late.

Due to for us relevant reasons such as keeping the festival’s atmosphere personal and informal as well as not putting too much pressure on the natural surroundings, we decided to limit the number of tickets to a maximum of 1.500. We won´t stock up the amount of the tickets. We remain a small festival. There will be definitively no tickets at the gate.

All those who could not get hold of a ticket, for which we have a hot tip: a small festival, which has a similar character as Gaggalacka, will take place exactly one weekend before our festival, and there are still tickets available: look for Jack Bimski 🙂

Otherwise, we can only refer to the next Festival 2020 and our Gaggalacka Tour.. 😉

Info for all ticket holders:

All details about the location, travel etc. you will get after receiving your ticket about one month before the festival via eMail from us.

Shortly after receiving a payment, you will receive an email from Marandai with your ticket in the form of a PDF file. Please also check the spam folder so that the ticket really arrives with you.

You have already bought tickets, but you can not come to the festival? Don´t worry, the tickets are not name bound, so they can be resold at any time – but please only at the original price. A refund of the already paid ticket prices is not possible!

Please print out your ticket to make sure it will not get away, and to ensure a quick scan at the entrance and a fast entry for you to the festival.

We ask you to read and pay attention to all information about the new location and our festival rules.

For questions about your ticket you can contact us via the following email:

You can find all information about the Gaggalacka Festival 2018 here >>> click, click!