Gaggalacka 2020 – Ticket Info

The Gaggalacka Festival 2020 will not take place! >>> See info!

For all those who have already purchased a ticket: Don’t worry! Your ticket will of course be valid for our 20th festival anniversary at the end of August/beginning of September 2021. So you have already secured your ticket at the best price and there is no risk that you won’t get a ticket for the also limited advance sale from spring 2021.

Remember, the tickets are NOT name-identified. You also have the option to pass the ticket on just like that. If you want to resell it or are looking for a ticket, you can for example use our Facebook Group or Goabase Event to announce it.
If you come across a dubious offer, e.g. tickets at a disproportionately high price, we ask for your help and information here:
If someone hopes to get an unfair deal with our guests, we will immediately try to act against it.

As long as no refund of the ticket money has taken place: The ticket for the 2020 festival is automatically valid for the 2021 festival and the number of people indicated (1).

The first valid ticket scanned at the entrance of the event is the original ticket for us. As soon as the same ticket appears again as a copy, it is considered invalid.

Do you have further questions about your tickets? We will gladly answer your questions:

>>> further information about the Gaggalacka Festival 2020