Pat Wolfien

Planning, Management and Construction of Event Decoration / Land-Art / Light Installations / 3D Mapping / Technical SetUp / Graphicdesign

Jack Bimski / Psykonia / Gaggalacka – Berlin – Germany

For a couple of years, one man is constantly part of our team as an all-round-supporter. So far he has been responsible for the decor at the Chill-Out Floor, Land-Art Design at the Mainfloor, illuminations as well as the conceptualization and construction of the spider stage, including LED and video mapping, which was one of the highlights of our 2016 edition. It is no less than Pat, the psychedelic nomad, brimming over with creative ideas and always good for a surprise.

Growing up close to the Frankonian Forests, Pat has always been connected with nature, where he started enjoying building and decorating things with natural materials from an early age on. Coming from a musical family, Pat learned to play the piano and has constantly been expressing himself through music and art eversince.

As a teenager, he started creating designs and logos for Reggae- and Hip-Hop Events around his hometown Nuremberg. Together with friends, he organized monthly Hip-Hop and Reggae Events with international players such as “The Pharcyce” or “The WuTang Clan”. After having finished school training with a university admission certificate, he started studying architecture, but after 3 semesters he decided to start a training as media designer. In the two following years, he improved his skills in graphicdesign programs such as Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator.

Subsequently, Pat worked as an art director for different agencies in Nuremberg and was active as freelancer for graphicdesign and printmedia.

Meanwhile, Pat started to organize Psykonia Festival and took over a leading role with Jack Bimski Festival, for which he is now already 6 years managing and designing the PsyTrance Floor. For both festivals, Pat contrived the Corporate Design as well as stage- and Dancefloor-construction. Furthermore, he is successfully organising several Indoor Events in and around Berlin.

As exemplary additional examples for so far accomplished works can be stated:

  • Land Art Design and Mainfloor Construction at the Midnight Sun Festival 2016 at the Lofot Islands, close to the Polar Circle in Norway,
  • Eco-Toilets at the Organica Feastival 2015 in Costa Rica,
  • Setting up a wooden platform including light installations, leading on a water surface towards the Dancefloor of the “Medi-Meisterschaften” 2016 (picture on the left side).

As Pat enjoys nightlife and parties a lot, as well as creating and designing events of various kinds, so he turned his hobby to a full-time vocation.

Additionally, Pat enjoys travelling a lot, and is a passionate visitor of festivals in other countries and continents in order to gain new impressions and ideas for his own creations.

For 5 semester he is studying theatre and event technology in Berlin which helps him to get insights into different realms such as light-sound-installations.

So if you need an allrounder for your event, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Pat:

Contact & Info:
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Some works by Pat Wolfien:

Dancefloor concept and stage construction @ Jack Bimski 2015

Stage construction @ Midnight Sun 2016 (Norwegen)

Stage construction @ Gaggalacka 2016

Stage construction @ Psykonia 2013

LandArt @ Gaggalacka 2013

Ecotoilets @ Organica 2015 (Costa Rica)

Aftermovie of the Psykonia Festival 2013: