Lacidar Ecnarongi

Graphic & Media DesignSergaDesign-1-2601

Gaggalacka – Dresden – Germany

Serga Design aka. Lacidar Ecnarongi is the winner of our Design-Contest out of which the new Gaggalacka logo resulted in early 2016. His draft was the one we chose out of 18 submissions. All Gaggalacka Team Members were invited to give ther vote and Serga’s work won a landslide victory. Additionally, Serga designed the limited edition of Gaggalacka wear and merchandise that had been available at the Festival in 2016.

WiccaMasala_Flyer_DIN.A6.lang_7,4x21cm_FRONT_preview2Serga from Dresden started painting and drawing in a very early age. It quickly became clear for him that his life would radiate all around producing and working with art. After his professional training as a media designer he worked for a year as a graphics designer for a textile printing company. The next step was the establishment of his own testile label Lacidar Ecnarongi. Contentwise he tries to ironically and provocatively focus on sociocultural problems and inequalities in our society with a straight forward approach, always equally taking care of aesthetics and style.

You can easily catch him as well roaming around taking pictures and drawing. The general style of his works is pretty straight and simple with the tendency towards hidden messages.

In the near future, one will for sure encounter his artistic talents in the context of our gaggalacktic activities..


References – Logodesign


Examples – Flyer Design


Sample – T-Shirt Design: Zeven Zins Collection


001 Pride


002 Greed


003 Envy


004 Wrath


005 Lust


006 Gluttony


007 Sloth



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