Ixa Vaueer

Design and Implementation of Sculpturing, Stage Construction and Event Decorations
Planning, Management and Construction of Event Decoration

Gaggalacka – Berlin (Germany)

“It all started with my first paint box… nope! I can’t remember my first paint box at all; but I like shapes – and colors – and new things. I like so many things. And I like the Gaggalacka, and I do.”

Around 2000, Ixa Vaueer immersed himself in the material of visual art, began her sculptural studies in 2005, and since 2010 has been supplying the dream factory with his sculptural works. And from 2015 new pictures came into his head…

Ixa Vaueer has been responsible for the design of the Gaggalacka festivals since 2012. The project is a sculptural project that strives for movement and communication between colour, light and surface. He tries to question the laws of nature, to lever out logic, to find new materials and techniques, to rebuild and to construct an inspiring (sur-)realistic counter-design to the everyday world with multidimensional buildings.

With all this in mind, the project is directed against static thinking and therefore primarily delivers custom-made products – for small and large events, theatres and regularly also for the film industry. He works with all materials, all techniques and all possibilities.

Many thanks to the Gaggalacka family, all (un)realistic and visionary artists, the organizers, supporters and also all the unorganized and creative people out there. Thank you for your work and for lighting the scene!

If you are looking for support to realize your visions, if you are looking for fun and high standards on one level, you are welcome to contact Ixa Vaueer.

Contact & Info:
emailto: ixa.vaueer@gaggalacka.de

Some works by Ixa Vaueer:

Octopus Main Stage @ Gaggalacka Festival (2018)

Dali Bridge – at night @ Gaggalacka Festival – Beach Floor (2016)

Tattooed Monkey (2016)

Dali Bridge – at day @ Gaggalacka Festival – Beach Floor (2016)

Alien (2010)

Octopus Main Stage @ Gaggalacka Festival – build-up crew (2018)

Contact & Info:
emailto: ixa.vaueer@gaggalacka.de