Here are some of the Gaggalacka visual artists at a glance (in alphabetical order)

Ixa Vaueer

Design and Implementation of Sculpturing, Stage Construction and Event Decorations Planning, Management and Construction of Event Decoration Gaggalacka – Berlin (Germany) „It all started with my first paint box… nope! I can’t remember my first paint box at all; but I like shapes – and colors – and new things. I like so many things. […]

Lacidar Ecnarongi

Graphic & Media Design Gaggalacka – Dresden – Germany Serga Design aka. Lacidar Ecnarongi is the winner of our Design-Contest out of which the new Gaggalacka logo resulted in early 2016. His draft was the one we chose out of 18 submissions. All Gaggalacka Team Members were invited to give ther vote and Serga’s work […]


Blacklight Decoration / Dancefloor Concepts / Object Arts Sangoma Records / Gaggalacka – Southern Germany NoffiART is Christoph “Noffi“ Dannowski, a Southern German deco artist, living close to the Swabian Alb. Infected by trance music and psychedelic arts since 2004, Noffi has decorated initially small local underground parties in and around southern Germany. In 2012 […]

Pat Wolfien

Planning, Management and Construction of Event Decoration / Land-Art / Light Installations / 3D Mapping / Technical SetUp / Graphicdesign Jack Bimski / Psykonia / Gaggalacka – Berlin – Germany For a couple of years, one man is constantly part of our team as an all-round-supporter. So far he has been responsible for the decor […]

More Artist profiles willbe added in the near future…

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Here is a brief overview of the artists who have supported the recent Gaggalacka parties with their artworks and performances (in alphabetical order)

Aether 23, Aley, Alpentrauma, Arkasha, Augenschmaus, Bioluminescence, Björn Diffus, Cannibal Crew, gagga gaggalacka psytrance festival psychedelic trance goa thüringen thuringia dresden kulturverein freaky gathering germany visuals deko deco decor installation mapping happymedium happy mediumCircus Mirage, Cyreal, Die Funtasten, Die Psychedelischen Kühe, Die Sonnenkinder, Dynamic Unity, Ebjur, Electronic Diversity, Elekktrosmoke, Elemental, Essentia Experiment, Eye-Q Light, Fadhama Project, Flammenartist, Fluffy Witch, Formfinder, Fundamental Decorrist, Elfentanz, Goaman, Goapunxx, Golden Ratio, Googs, HappyMedium (Foto), HeimlichT, Ixa Vaueer, Jamas, Jorgk, Kantine 12, KayC-Art, Kombinat Mustermann, Lacidar Ecnarongi, Lenalien, Liu Quara, LSD Events, Lucy Sky, Luxfuchs, Macropix, Mischlichter, Miss Organic Forest, Naschdigall, Nebokad’s Dream, Ningura, Noffi-Art, Norkr, Olga Akbal, Optic-Noise, Orbis Oculi, Organic Colour Drops Deco, Pappenheimer, Pat Wolfien & Crew, Phanatika, Polyton, Pranava Chill, Project Evolution, Psychedelic Illumination, Psykonia Connection, Root-Art, Qualia Visionen, Radiate, Radka Colourdrops, RaumZeitGestalten e.V., Root-Art, Sanjula, Seelenrutsche, Sehstörung, Shapory, Soopher Rain, Tarzan Arts, Terraformerflotte, Tiefseefische im Wald, VaronArt, Velque e.V., Vici Artworks, XoNoR, ZappelFraggles, Zeitgeist Kollektiv.

Thanx to you all !!!