Wongar & Brian

DJ Team – Progressive PsyTrance / FullOn – Day

Gaggalacka – Wuerzburg (Germany)

wongar-3Wongar & Brian from Wuerzburg work together for years as a dj-team in order to convert the “Chill-Thrill-Kill-Out” of the Gaggalacka Festival into an alternative dancefloor for those lovers of easy and bewitching Psy-Sounds. With their back2back DJ-Sets, they are transforming night into day.

Both DJs are connected by their friendship lasting longer than a decade as well as a shared passion for music. As their musical preferrences are very much overlapping, the decision to join forces in the form of a DJ-team was a logical consequence for them. Of course both of them enjoy playing single Sets reaching from Progressive to Psytrance without ever touching upon so called Darkpsy. They also enjoy playing ChillOut, Ambient as well as Psy-Dub.

wongar-2Wongar started dj-ing already back in 1995. In the beginning of his career he was more into Breakbeats and Techno. Already since 1995 he was very much interested in psychedelic music, without haveing ever been to a Goa-Party. Already then he started to get the hottest vinyls available at his local music store. He has a special weakness is playing versus sets with other djs. For him, familiar and friendly relations with as well as during the event he is performing at is one of the most imnportant aspects for his involvement.

For many years, Wongar organized the so called „Jungfrauenfest“ in Wuerzburg, an Open Air Event which frequently took place during the same weekend as Gaggalacka did. The stone pit venue used to be 100 km from Wuerzburg only. Some of his djs used to move on to Gaggalacka after their gig, which made Wongar curious. Since 2005, he has been part of the Gaggalacka family as a dj without missing only one year.

wongar-4Brian grew up with many different varieties of psychedelic music, reaching out from Pink Floyd and Psychedelic Rock to the beginnings of the Techno, Trance, Ambient and Acid genres. Therefore, he quickly got infected with Goa Trance. Especially catchy for him was that the Psytrance-Scene came the closest to what he perceived as equality, respect, joy and a peaceful feeling of belonging together. The Together-Spirit that characterizes Gaggalacka ist he most striking example for Brian. Since 2012 he is also part of the festival and joins forces with Wongar for their traditional Ping-Pong-Set.

Both together as well as each one of them individually already had the honour to musically contribute to the above mentioned editions of Gaggalacka as well as the legendary Natraj Temple in Munich, Hirsch Club in Nuremberg, Airport Club in Wuerzburg, Psychedelic Space Garden Open Air, Psykonia, Omwood, as well as many other gigs in Clubs and Open Airs all over Germany.

Their Ping-Pong Sets are reaching from progressive into faster Full-On Sounds with a touch of Goa, always psychedelic and in tune with set and setting of the dancefloor.

Contact & Info:
eMailto: wongar-brian@gaggalacka.de
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