Liveact / Producer – Chill-Out | Ambient | Downbeat
+ Dark PsyTrance – Night

Subraum Records / Gaggalacka – Bautzen (Germany)

Substan is Fabian Heinitz, born 1980 close to Bautzen – dad, husband, freak and musical talent. For many years he is part of various events around Dresden as well as many Gaggalacka editions – on the one side with Ambient and Downbeat music, but on the other side as well with his DarkPsy Live-Sets.

Fabian’s musical passion already started in the age of 15 years when he got his first Synthie. He has been active member of a band in which he used to sing and play the keyboard. He started his own production in his Subraum-studio with the “Dr. Lügner Project”, which was later named “Substan”.

Around the year 2000 he had his first gig at the legendary Hexenburg Parties in Bühlau near Bischofswerda (eastern Saxony). With friends he organized the “Galaxy Groove” OpenAir-Parties, followed by his own parties called “Anagromataf”, which also offered the context to celebrate his own wedding with many friends and Psychedelic Trance music.

One of his highlights are the bookings at Fusion Festival, where he played annually between 2005 and 2010.At the beginning, he has shunned the Trance Floor there. Only in the 2002 he started to deeply fall in love with Psychedelic Trance, when he encountered the events at the Triebwerk Dresden, which were organized by Merry:) and his crew Insulin Productions. Since then the bug has never let loose of him, and he is therefore producing his own definition of Psychedelic Trance.

Quickly, Substan had the chance to perform at events such as the Dreipunkteins-Festival as well as Gaggalacka. He was one of the first acts ever to play so called Dark Psy in Dresden.

Whenever Substan is blasting the Trancefloor, technoid and minimalistic Dark Psy is being served, with some well placed samples and melodies on the plate.

Playing in the Chill-Out, Substan likes to tell varied stories with his music, simular to a psychedelic playground with a sight touch of breakbeat as well as melodies and some reverb.. 😉

He has already released 5 ChillOut-Albums which are all available for donations at his Bandcamp page:

Substan has also contributed various tracks to the Gaggalacka-Compilations, which are as well downloadable for free or donation:

Even outside the Psychedelic Trance circuit, Substan has made himself a name as freelance producer and created musical backgrounds for several image films.

The best thing Substan could image is that people are moved in the same way when perceiving his music as he is while producing it. He is fully able to be delighted by this process and be taken with the flow. He sees himself more as obstetrician, helping his music to come alive, instead of calling it his own.

But, most importantly:
„He does not take himself so seriously“ 😉

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