DJ – PsyTrance – Day & Night + Chill-Out / Dub / Downbeat

Gaggalacka / Busch Beatz – Leipzig – Germany

Psi|deli|cat, (auch psifidelicat, psychodelicat, Ψ oder psifi) is the musical homeland of Georg from Bavaria.

Grown up in the care of the province far away from the colourful psytrance culture, it was classical piano music and the most diverse forms of rhythmic expression whose practice had a formative effect on him and his environment. Various phases of musical preferences followed, whereby not least in the Boarian Punk-Rock-Idiom-Folk-Metal band “Weißwurscht Massaker” one thing became clearer and clearer: the desire for musical diversity and variety. And please, no commercialism.

The Infected Mushrooms, which were genre-transcending at that time, made a smooth transition from headbanging to psy, trance and dance. And because the Bavarian mustard was not quite convincing from a culinary point of view, it was inevitable to look outside the box. Starting from the lack of plan of an inexperienced school leaver, studying was the most elegant way to further postpone the choice of a long-term life task. Relatively arbitrarily the desire for contrast led to Dresden, where suddenly completely new dimensions of the psychedelic celebration culture opened up.

A little later, the friendly permanent loan of an old DJ controller revealed the desire for interactive listening and tinkering with this fascinating music. Invited by new friends with a generously dimensioned sound system to play on that system, the initially unsuspecting hobby suddenly got a more concrete direction. Psifidelicat was born!

Although a preference for dark Progressive and Zenonesque has settled in the meantime, the psifidelic sound can also be very flexible depending on the setting. More important than the genre is that the music is good. When rhythmic and melodic impulses turn the facial muscles into a bright smile and make the dance muscles vibrate, this is a good indicator for appropriate auditory medication.

For some time he has been resident DJ at the Busch Beatz in Leipzig and since 2018 he has also been involved in several Gaggalacka parties. But one thing is for sure: every cat needs its room to run about, so also a psidelicat needs its musical one. He and we are all curious what will happen for this.

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