DJ – Techno / Psytrance / Twilight / FullOn / DarkPsy / Forest / Progressive Trance – Day & Night

Gaggalacka / Goapunxx / SektorEvolution – Dresden (Germany)

Ogrim is Jens from Dresden (East Germany), a multitalented and versatile DJ for psychedelic as well as technoid dancefloors.

His DJ career started very early with a pitchable cassette recorder, on which he already conjured up mixtapes for friends as a teenager. As early as 1994, he came to a youth club where he regularly played CD´s to create a musical evening. Over time his taste developed more and more towards rave, trance and above all techno, until he later came across the GoaTrance sound, which completely flashed him. He did a lot of research on the vinyl of this magical sound and collected what he could get. His first Goa sampler was the legendary “Phosphorescent” from T.I.P. Records. Each of these vinyls, now collected in great numbers by him, has grown close to his heart to this day.

Since 2005 he has met the Dresden party crew Goapunxx, at whose parties he actively participates with his great enthusiasm from then on.

In this time he also landed on the Gaggalacka Festival, where he simply was there and helped, and with his technical understanding eliminated e.g. electrical blackouts, although nobody knew him at that time. Since he was not only interested in the sound spectrum of the events at that time, he gradually acquired lighting and decoration equipment and has been a permanent member of the technical and lighting crew of the Gaggalacka and many other events for many years, as well as a permanent contributor to the Dresden Underground Club Sektor Evolution. For quite some time he has been represented as Psychedelic Illumination with video mapping at many parties. So if Ogrim is booked as a DJ, he could be at the party as a light jockey and with video mapping at the same time. In addition, he can be used at any time.

His favorite genres, which he uses in his DJ sets depending on the mood of the dancefloor, are Techno, Darktechno, Progressive Trance, Psytrance, FullOn, Twilight, Forest and Darkpsy. So far he has played at numerous parties in Munich, Nuremberg, Leipzig, Chemnitz, Berlin…… and is currently the most booked DJ of the PsyTrance scene in Dresden.

The aim of Ogrim´s Sets is always to be on the same wavelength with the listeners and dancers in order to create a mood of togetherness. In his sets he usually lets several genres flow in to create a synphony in different dimensions. He likes to surprise himself, especially with very well fitting mixes. Many of these moments touch him in such a way that they often give him goose bumps, or that he even has to cry for happiness.

Meanwhile he arranges the tracks in his DJ sets in a hybrid way, i.e. with the help of sound card and controller. You can do much more with the music in a very short time than it would have been possible just a few years ago.

Of course he is open for new adventures and is looking forward to invitations to events where he can really live out his musical drive.

Kontakt & Info:
eMailto: ogrim@gaggalacka.de
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