DJ – PsyTrance / Forest / Twilight / DarkPsy – Day & Night

Fraktalkinder / Gaggalacka – Halle/Saale – Germany

nimuri´s musical origins were in Dresden, where he started organizing his own parties together with his brother in 2014. From then on, auditive and visual impressions shaped their artistic development equally. And so this creative collaboration continues audibly and visibly to this day.

With the purchase of their own sound system in the circle of friends, the raves shifted more to the meadows and forests around Dresden. The sound changed, became faster and darker.

Today, nimuri are particularly fascinated by creaky, organic sounds on driving bass lines – occasionally underlaid with spherical pads – at about 148 – 156 bpM. He likes to play with different sound patterns and so it can be experimental and sometimes twenty bpM faster.And since this music can be played in sunshine as well as in darkness, he plays exactly that. Something special in his perception is the magic time before sunrise. The dawn brings inner peace and refreshment, before the floor awakens to blossoming life again. Thus it connects the two poles that have most influenced nimuri’s artistic development: thoughtfulness and the cordiality of people.

nimuri is part of the decoration project Fraktalkinder, with which he co-designed the Gaggalacka Festival. And now he is also part of the Gagga family as a DJ. There will still be a lot to hear from him – remember the name well!

Contact & Info:
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