DJ – Deep PsyTrance / Forest / DarkPsy – Day & Night
+ Chill-Out / Downbeat

Gaggalacka, Sangoma Records – Dresden (Germany)

indexMerry:) aka. Merry Smile, the permament smiler from Dresden (East Germany), is the initiator and one of the main organizers of the Gaggalacka festivals. Through his DJ sets he loves to transfer his positive approach to psychedelic culture and life in general to the dancefloor.

Merry:) is sound-wise versatile, at day or night. His sets are a mixture of deep PsyTrance, Forest sound, and Darkpsy between 146 and 152 BpM, always powerful and impulsive. He loves to play in extended DJ sets to develop its musical story properly. His repertoire of psychedelic sound also allows him to play a completely surprising set – to decide with his gut feeling what the party individually needs. His long experience as a DJ since 1998, make up as paid. The goal of his sets is always an active sporting dancefloor full of smiling faces.

Prag 2012However, not many people know about this little secret, but Merry:) is also open for playing Chill, Dub and Downbeat DJ sets. In the early years of his DJ career, he played Chill-Out sets in a DJ team, whose story he is now pursuing alone after more than 10 years to present the smooth side of the Merry:) sounds.

Merry:) so far performed on various parties and festivals with between 50 and 5.000 people on dancefloors in countries like Austria, Cambodia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland,Hungary, India, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, Turkey and almost all over in Germany. The love of music allows him to learn to know to new countries and cultures, new mentalities, new people and their way to party. Of course he loves it to rock new dancefloors as well.

17A passion connected to DJing is the selection of tracklists for compilations. He likes to tell a story with the tracks from his favourite artists. Merry:) already released several free compilations for Gaggalacka and some CD’s on different labels. Furthers are already in cooking – it’s a neverending story…

Releases – compiled by Merry:):

Further Projects: Broth3rys – along with sG4rY

As another DJ project, Merry:) has teamed up with his „Brotha from another Motha“ DJ sG4rY since 2011, as
Broth3rys. In their PingPong sets their sound styles meet right deep and funky PsyTrance at the pace of more or less 150 BpM exactly in the middle of their both styles.

DJing since the beginning is best decribed a passionate hobby for Merry:). In defiance to commercialize the psytrance scene and the and the associated egomania of many artists, there is the Gaggalacka and his attitude towards the scene: PsyTrance should be equivalent togetherness as well as a refreshing escape from everyday life, IMG_7667-720x480instead of around ego and profit.

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Never loose your smile!