DJ – Deep PsyTrance / Forest / DarkPsy – Day & Night
+ Chill-Out / Downbeat / Glitch / Hypnotic Techno / World Music

Gaggalacka – Dresden – Germany

Merry:) aka. Merry Smile is the permanent smiler from Saxony, an open-minded freak, proud Papa, experienced DJ and party organizer as well as head of the Gaggalacka family. He loves to transfer his smiling life energy to the dance floor with the help of his DJ sets. His name is always program.

Already in 1997 he was infected by a mix tape of the variety and twistedness of psychedelic trance and learned more and more about this music and life feeling. From then on he began to collect music and DJ Merry:) was born. With the party crew Insulin Productions together with friends he organized the first regular PsyTrance parties in his hometown Dresden since 1998. Between 2004 and 2010 he lived in Berlin and was active as member of the TribalTools-Recordstore as well as organizer of various parties.

In the year 2001 he started together with his friend Boxi the Gaggalacka – a 3-day OpenAir in a Thuringian stone pit, which had a very free concept and attracted more guests from year to year. Since 2011 the OpenAir changed locations and became a festival, which is now limited to about 1.500 guests. How the gaggalactic story develops, you can follow on this website.

Merry:) is soundwise very flexbible, whether for day or night. Usually a powerful and crispy mixture of Deep PsyTrance, Forest and DarkPsy between 148 and 154 BpM can be expected. The focus in his DJ set is on good variety, crystal clear productions, wicked stories and the certain kick.

His large repertoire of psychedelic sound and his gut feeling for the moment of the party allow him to musically fill the dancefloor with the energy that the party has been missing until then. His long experience as a DJ make up as paid.

Meanwhile Merry:) is also open for bookings in psychedelic chill-outs. He dives into the worlds of psychoactive downbeat, breaky glitch, hypnotic techno and world music. In the early years of his DJ career he played ChillOut sets in a DJ team, whose story he now continues after more than 10 years alone to present the chilled side of the Merry:) sound.

Merry:) so far rocked various parties and festivals with between 50 and 5.000 people on dancefloors in countries like Finland, India, Israel, Italy, Cambodia, Croatia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Turkey, Hungary and almost everywhere in Germany. The love for this music allows him to get to know new countries and cultures, new mentalities, new freaks and their way of dancing, and of course he loves to rock new dancefloors with his DJ sets again and again.

A passion connected to DJing is the selection of tracklists for compilations. He likes to tell a story with the tracks from his favorite artists. Merry:) already released several free compilations for Gaggalacka and some CD’s on different labels. It’s a neverending story…

Releases – compiled by Merry:):

Further DJ project: Broth3rys – with sG4rY

As another DJ project, Merry:) has teamed up with his „Brotha from another Motha“ DJ sG4rY as Broth3rys, which was established in 2011 from a deep friendship and musical connection. Since then, the two guys have been on the road together for several times and play with this DJ project for the label Purple Hexagon Records. In their PingPong sets their sound styles meet right deep and funky PsyTrance at the pace of more or less 150 BpM exactly in the middle of their both styles.

DJing has been Merry:)’s passion since the beginning. In spite of the commercialization of the PsyTrance scene and the associated egomania, which is unfortunately very often to be found in the scene, he founded the Gaggalacka and expresses his attitude to the scene: It’s all about equal and creative togetherness und partying as an escape from everyday life, which ultimately contributes to a good spirit.

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Never loose your smile!