Hans Dunkelkammer

Liveact + Producer – Techno / Minimal / Electronica / Zenonesque

Glitchy.Tonic.Records, Pistolero Records, Quintessence Records, Soupherb Records,  Gaggalacka – Berlin – Germany

Foto by Uno Mom – Bommesbude

Hans Dunkelkammer began his musical career as a drummer in 2003. In 2007 he moved to Dresden and founded the Zeitgeist.Kollektiv with many friends.

The contact to different Techno, Minimal and Hardtekk party crews as well as of course the Goapunxx and the Gaggalacka Family was quickly established. In the following years many friendships, party series and smaller festivals developed. Hans started DJ-ing in 2009. Since 2011 it has been an integral part of the Gaggalacka line ups.

In the following two to three years there was a lot of psychedelic gagga gaggalacka psytrance festival psychedelic trance goa thüringen thuringia dresden kulturverein freaky gathering germany music hans dunkelkammer zeitgeist.kollektiv zeitgeist sektor evolution dreipunkteins glitchy.tonicstuff from Darkpsy and Forest to ChillOut and Minimal in his sets. Most of the time Hans´ gigs took place in Dresden. But also the Fusion-Festival, the Drei.Punkt.Eins- and the F.I.G.- Festival, as well as one or the other location in Indian Goa should not be untouched by him.

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Now back in Berlin, Hans began producing music in 2013 – his sound is experimental minimal psy-techno, sometimes jazzy, groovy, organic or glitchy between 134 and 142 bpm – hard to put in a drawer or a special scene. Anyway, he is quite diligent and creative, and since 2015 he has released tracks, albums and EP´s one after another (see list below). Meanwhile he is already part of the Artist-Roster of Glitchy.Tonic.Records, Pistolero Records, Quintessence Records and Soupherb Records, and his live gigs are also getting more and more frequent.


Foto by Uno Mom – Bommesbude

Not only musically he has successfully embarked on his very individual path. At the Gaggalacka Festival he is not only represented with his live set, but also as booker and artist manager for the Chill-Thrill-Kill-Out.

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eMailto: dunkelkammer@gaggalacka.de
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