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gagga gaggalacka psytrance festival psychedelic trance goa thüringen thuringia dresden kulturverein freaky gathering germany music goaman dieter beck becky mischa oldschool dingdong ganeshaGaggalacka – Erlangen (Germany)

Back in the early 90’s Goaman has discovered the techno scene – fascinated by the energy of basses. At first he visited the techno clubs of Nuremberg and Fuerth, later the Mayday and the Love Parade in Berlin. In 1996 he attended his first Goa-open air, on a mountain in Bad Toelz. The colorful decor, the psychedelic sound, the fun atmosphere that was the initial spark for him. A year later he went on a trip to India, which aroused his spirituality, whereby he he learned to understand the deeper meaning of psychedelic trance parties.

Infected by the Goa-Virus and full of motivation Goaman now began to organize his own parties. From 1997 to 2001 he organized many Goa parties in Nuremberg (“Chaitanya” series), Coburg (along with Pleasure Bush eV), Bamberg and other venues in Franconia. With “Velque”, a Nuremberg association, surrendered a successful cooperation. He built decoration, created flyers, operated a website with a party forum and his stocks of appropriate music quickly grew. So Goaman began even as a DJ.

Then he attended the first Gaggalacka the legendary stonepit, which was followed by a fruitful cooperation with the Gaggalacka team in subsequent years. At first he worked on video optics, later he started to play DJ sets there and specialized in Oldschool-PsyTrance for many years.

He has stopped playing the classic oldschool sound in the meantime, but is still no friend of “faster and harder”. No stressful BPMs, no overloaded full-on melodies, he rather dedicates himself to the soul of the original psytrance. A cool bass line that goes into the legs and sounds that lift the head into higher spheres. Close your eyes and go on a journey! Pure Psytrance.

If you had to press your style into a category, “Deep Psytrance” would probably still apply the most.

Contact & Info:
eMailto: goaman@gaggalacka.de

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