DJ + Semi-Liveact – Techno, Downtempo, Progressive, Zenonesque, HiTech, Break- & Psycore – Day & Night

SeroTon, AVAC, Gaggalacka – Nuremberg (Germany)

Badoulin aka. Adrian – our chick in the Gaggalacka nest. With his just mid-twenties one could call him „The Next Generation“ with a clear conscience. That in turn hits twice, because Badoulin is not only the youngest club member of the Gaggalacka, he is also the nephew of DJ Goaman.

So anyone who has been exposed to psytrance since the age of ten will inevitably become gagga. And this is where the story begins:

Until 2017 „Badoulin“ did not exist at all. Until then there was just „Adrian“. This Adrian was an organizer with heart and soul. After some Open Airs in Franconia and Lower Bavaria he moved to Berlin in 2013 and the associated switch to indoor parties in the meanwhile unfortunately closed Area61.

After less than a year, Badoulin took his wanderlust, shouldered his backpack and set out to turn the beaches of Malaysia and Indonesia into a full moon dance floor.  The journey continued through Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, only to end up in Israel at some point. And to stay there for two years.

After his return to Franconia he finally met the SeroTon crew in Nuremberg, a newly hatched Techno-PsyTrance collective whose enthusiasm and sincerity was the muse that made Adrian DJ Badoulin.

The tendency towards the nomadic and the influence of Israel can be seen not only in Badoulin’s name, but also in his music. More and more often accompanied by Carol, his HangDrum, he conjures smooth DayTime Downtempo sets and freaky Zenonesque sounds just as easily from the decks as HiTech and J-Core thunderstorms at 200 bpM.

He is not concerned with creating an identity for himself at parties or projecting a certain image to the outside world. It is about freedom and love, the sparkle in the eyes of the crowd when the sweat beads have washed away the last remnant of self-doubt.

It is about those little moments when two people who have never seen each other before look into each other’s eyes on the dancefloor and feel connected from the bottom of their hearts.

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