DJ + Semi-LiveactDowntempo / Zenonesque / Psytrance / Techtrance / Darkpsy – Day, Night & ChillOut

Gaggalacka, SeroTon, Haus33 – Nuremberg – Germany

Badoulin aka. Adrian – the youngest addition to our gaggalactic roster. With 25 years of age one could safely call him „the next generation“. Which is somewhat true indeed with Badoulin not only being the youngest member of the Gaggalacka family, but also being DJ Goaman´s nephew.

And here’s where the story starts:

‘Til 2017 there was no „Badoulin“. There was only Adrian, hosting psytrance parties, having a good time.

After some Open Air events in Franconia and Bavaria he moved to Berlin in 2013. After a year in sin city, Wanderlust got the best of him, backpack’s been packed and off he went to Malaysia and Indonesia, transforming beaches into full moon-dancefloors. After trips to Europe, North Africa and the Middle East Adrian hit Israel – and stayed for two years.

After getting back to Germany he met the SeroTon-Crew in Nuremberg, a freshly baked Techno-Psytrance collective. Their enthusiasm and genuinity finally made „Badoulin“ arise.

His propensity for nomading around and the Israeli influence since then have become vividly experiencable in Badoulin’s musical compositions. Accompanied by Carol, his hang drum, relaxed and atmospheric Deep Trance is floating through the Chill Stages of this world. At night, his sound becomes more acidic and hypnotic, the mind is losing itself in between zenonesque melodies and dark basslines.

„That“ Badoulin thus is not a thing. After all, parties are not about creating a new identity of projecting a certain image of yourself onto the world. Parties are about love and free expression. Parties are about that shimmer in the crowd’s eyes when sweat washed away that last bit of self doubt.

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Love is the radical expression of whoever you choose to be.