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Mind Expansion Music, Gaggalacka – Berlin – Germany

8e63-6d48-4305-8794-0f74aa963e00DJ Ant has been responsible for the probably “most elephant” psychedelic sound of our festival. For years, he has traditionally been eligible for the DJ set of the Gaggalacka trance floor on Saturday night, in which he delivers the psychedelic climax in a trippy and experimental way.

Infected with what we call „Trancevirus“, Oli started my first underground trance partys back in 1996. From the very first beginning he felt connected to the strong vibes on the dancefloor so he started travelling around Germany and the partys. In the next 4 years he experienced many floors around europe and germany. And 2002 he decided to start performing as a DJ and bringing people together, the rest is history 🙂dj_ant_5

The most important thing for him is to push the people on the dancefloor and make them keep moving and spiraling away into their unconsciousness. They start to get in trance when they can’t leave the floor … and that is our job 🙂

„Dance is active meditation, when we dance we go beyond thought, beyond mind, and beyond our own individuality – to become one in the divine ecstasy of union with the cosmic spirit. This is the essence of the trance dance experience!”
(Papa Gil)

Ant´s Style is Psychedelic Music around ??? – ??? BpM. Who cares for styles anyway…but always exciting! The most important thing for him is an intelligent storyline in the music that drives the listener and help him to get even deeper in that state called trance!

artworks-000067858659-fhat6p-t500x500What is “Dark Psychedelic Trance” ?
Trance crackers might be aghast at the thought that a blissful genre like trance could actually be… *gulp*… DARK… but in truth dark, evil-sounding trance was around before all the flighty, angelic crud. Trance, in its very basic form, is very cold andunfeeling stuff. Staccato synthlines, twitchy pulses, the subservience to technology. It’s no wonder the underground rivetheads picked up and understood this sound before the mainstream maaaah-sive club patrons did.

So far he was “Dancefloor Operator” in Italy, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, London (UK), Croatia, Portugal, Spain (La Gomera), Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, France and of course all over Germany, among others on festivals such as Psycrowdelica (2007 – 2014), Full Moon Festival 2008, Psychedelic Circus (2010, 2011), Indian Spirit Festival (2009, 2010), Elfentanz (2005, 2006) and the Gaggalacka since 2005.

1977462_1490352047853742_7587445092064147866_n-minDJ Ant’s Divine Dozen (January 2017 – in no particular order):
Biophotons & Greenix – Psychedelic Entertainment (Urban Antidote)
TerraTech – Shamanism (Urban Antidote)
Bubbleguns – Zanaka (Parvati Records)
Confo – Chronic 420 (Believe Lab)
Dark Whisper – The Cave (Alice D Records)
Okage – Demons (Anomalistic Records)
Sanathana – Surreal Encounters (Samana Records)
Enichkin vs Xikwri Neyrra – This Was Real (unreleased)
MindSonus – One Life (Patgap Music)

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Music`s an attitude – not a business!