Here are some of the Gaggalacka DJ´s, liveacts and producers at a glance (in alphabetical order)


DJ – Psychedelic Trance – Night & Day Mind Expansion Music, Gaggalacka – Berlin – Germany DJ Ant has been responsible for the probably „most elephant“ psychedelic sound of our festival. For years, he has traditionally been eligible for the DJ set of the Gaggalacka trance floor on Saturday night, in which he delivers the […]


DJ / Producer – PsyTrance – Day & Night Sangoma Records,, Gaggalacka – Marburg (Germany) Back in the days when everything was still one and was called „Goa“, Astronom has discovered the world of psychedelic sounds. Die Grube and the Kult Club in the province of Sauerland / Germany with all their wonderful psytrance […]


DJ + Semi-Liveact – Techno, Downtempo, Progressive, Zenonesque, HiTech, Break- & Psycore – Day & Night SeroTon, AVAC, Gaggalacka – Nuremberg (Germany) Badoulin aka. Adrian – our chick in the Gaggalacka nest. With his just mid-twenties one could call him „The Next Generation“ with a clear conscience. That in turn hits twice, because Badoulin is […]


DJ´s – Deep & Funky PsyTrance – Day & Night Purple Hexagon Records, Gaggalacka – Munich / Dresden (Germany) Broth3rys is a joint venture DJ project of DJ´s sG4rY and Merry:), – two Brothas from different Mothas. For a couple of years these two freaks and DJs have met periodically at parties, where both of […]

Caro Sunshine

DJ – PsyTrance / DarkPsy / HighTech / Forest – Day & Night Gaggalacka, Plutonium – Berlin (Germany) Caro Sunshine grew up in East Berlin, shaped by this she developed quickly a curiosity for new horizons… With 21 she went the first time to Thailand and discovered the psychedelic scene and was overwhelmed by the […]


DJ – PsyTrance – Day & Night Sangoma Records, Gaggalacka – Marburg (Germany) Daksinamurti (दक्षि​णामूर्​ति) is a psychedelic trance artist and Ethnologist from Marburg, Germany. Besides DJ’ing for over a decade, Till is managing the label Sangoma  Records, and producing foresty psytrance music. In his early youth he fell in love with psychedelic music from […]


DJ – PsyTrance / Twilight / Forest – Day & Night + Chill-Out Gaggalacka – Halle/Saale (Germany) Grew up close to Constance, Stefan Drescher came as younger brother of a House-DJ early in contact with electronic music. In 2000 he was lucky to get a fabulous Morning mixtape in his hands. Freshly infected by the […]


DJ – OldSchool Goa / PsyTrance – Day + Chill-Out Gaggalacka – Erlangen (Germany) Back in the early 90’s Goaman has discovered the techno scene – fascinated by the energy of basses. At first he visited the techno clubs of Nuremberg and Fuerth, later the Mayday and the Love Parade in Berlin. In 1996 he […]

Hans Dunkelkammer

Producer + Liveact – Techno / Minimal / Electronica / Psygressive – Day & Night Pistolero Records, Quintessence Records, Gaggalacka – Berlin (Germany) Hans Dunkelkammer began his musical career as a drummer in 2003. In 2007 he moved to Dresden and there he founded the partycrew Zeitgeist.Kollektiv along with many friends. The contact was quickly […]


DJ – Forest / Psygressive – Day & Night Gaggalacka, Plutonium – Berlin (Germany) Born in 1987, probably influenced by the aftermath of the atomic precipitation the year before, MEiK grew up in post-socialist or rather pre-capitalist Berlin. Constantly celebrating the basic principle of his city – „poor but sexy“ – MeiK soon felt the […]


DJ – Deep PsyTrance / Forest / DarkPsy – Day & Night + Chill-Out / Downbeat Gaggalacka, Sangoma Records – Dresden (Germany) Merry:) aka. Merry Smile, the permament smiler from Dresden (East Germany), is the initiator and one of the main organizers of the Gaggalacka festivals. Through his DJ sets he loves to transfer his […]


DJ – PsyTrance / Psygressive / DarkPsy / HighTech – Day & Night Purple Hexagon Records, Om Project, Yapaii, Gaggalacka – Singapore Nstomp aka. Andriano, born in 1974, grew up in the concrete jungle of Singapore. His musical career began in the early days as a guitarist for the band „Dejavu“ before he started DJing […]

Ronahî (Neuronom)

DJ – Deep & Groovy PsyTrance / Psygressive – Day + Chill-Out / IDM / Glitch / DubStep / Downbeat Gaggalacka, Ayauma Records – Waren/Mueritz – Germany Ronahî alias Sebastian was born and raised in Waren, a small city at the lake of Mueritz in the North-East of Germany. His first musical impact came from […]

Nullgrad / matt:er

Producer + DJ –  Forest / Psygressive – Night + Ambient / Downbeat Banyan Records, Gaggalacka – Nuremberg (Germany) There was always music in the life of Nullgrad aka DJ matt:er aka Matthias Erhard. Back in these early days he gets a musical education in dulcimer and saxophone. In the beginning of the 90s, friends […]


DJ – Techno / Psytrance / Twilight / FullOn / DarkPsy / Forest / Progressive Trance – Day & Night Gaggalacka / Goapunxx / SektorEvolution – Dresden (Germany) Ogrim is Jens from Dresden (East Germany), a multitalented and versatile DJ for psychedelic as well as technoid dancefloors. His DJ career started very early with a […]


DJ – Deep & Hypnotic PsyTrance – Day & Night Sangoma Records, Gaggalacka – Munich (Germany) sG4rY is Gerhard from upper Bavaria, currently residing in Munich where he studies Visual Anthropology. sG4rY is best characterized as an upcoming DJ with a heavy itchy feet syndrome. Not being caught in one style or direction, he is constantly trying […]


Liveact / Producer – Chill-Out | Ambient | Downbeat + Dark PsyTrance – Night Subraum Records / Gaggalacka – Bautzen (Germany) Substan is Fabian Heinitz, born 1980 close to Bautzen – dad, husband, freak and musical talent. For many years he is part of various events around Dresden as well as many Gaggalacka editions – […]


DJ – PsyTrance – Day & Night + Chill-Out Gaggalacka / Busch Beatz – Nuremberg (Germany) Superjuice aka. Danny comes from Franconia and grew up with lots of music – he learned to play flute, accordion, keyboard and guitar. Influenced by the hippie and psychedelic rock vinyl records of the Father, he played as a […]

Tara Putra

Liveact + Producer – Psydub / Psybient / Ambient / Dub / Chill-Out Purple Hexagon Records, Gaggalacka – Nuremberg (Germany) Once upon a time in the mid-’90s three Psytrance infected guys established the liveact Tara Putra. Extremely pushed by that creaky sound and the atmosphere at the early Goa Parties they tried to play as […]

Wongar & Brian

DJ Team – Progressive PsyTrance / FullOn – Day Gaggalacka – Wuerzburg (Germany) Wongar & Brian from Wuerzburg work together for years as a dj-team in order to convert the „Chill-Thrill-Kill-Out“ of the Gaggalacka Festival into an alternative dancefloor for those lovers of easy and bewitching Psy-Sounds. With their back2back DJ-Sets, they are transforming night […]

More Artist profiles willbe added in the near future…

Here is a brief overview of the artists who have supported the recent Gaggalacka parties with their music or DJ-sets (in alphabetical order)

Abralabim, Abshalom, Act One, Ada, Akbal, Alaba$$$tar, Ali.3n, Alpha, Amino, Amuzing The Freak, Analogue Audio Association, Android Spirit, Ankur, Anneli, Ant, Antigen, Aodioiboa, Aronnax, Ashaeon, Ashiana, Ashkii, Astronom, Atacama, Aztek Project, Babo Don Gmork, Back To Mars, Badoulin, Balu, Basskateers, Bastel, Benix, BioAndroid, Bionic Babas, Bombax, Bonfire, Boom Shankar, Boxi, BrainDrillViolin, Braindrop, Brian, Brotherys, Bull, Bustle, Buzz, Cpt. Specht, Cannibal Crow, Caro Sunshine, Carstus Maximus, Caveman, Chico, ChillinBerlin, Chinaski, Chromatone, Chuha, Clocharg, Constructor, ConUnDrum, ConXion, Creatrix, Da-La, Daksinamurti, Dantrex, DD Dubster, Der Gelbe Wahnfried, Deva, Deven, Diavolo, Die Behüteten, Digital Kaos, Ding Dong, Dion, Dirty Saffi, Doc.Schock, Don Diego, Dorian Day, Dor Metalor, Dr. Changra, Dr. Escher, Druckdruff, Drumatik, Dschagganaut, Dsompa, Dust, Eeriegeist, Eko, El Duderino, Elektroengel, Elec´Trigger, Elefant, Elfenklatscher, Erdling, Fabiano Caprioletto, Fabiuz, Fagin´s Reject, Feenstaub, Floaty, Fr3ktalis, Gandalf, Geocode, Gestörtebekers, Gmorkon, Goaman, Grobmann, Hal-Jam, Halunke, Hannelore Dorschkopp, Hans Dunkelkammer, Hanuman, Hieb & Stichfest, Igor Swamp, Iguana, Indigo, Iken, Impuls.e, Influxx, Ionixx, Isantropia, Jairam, Jakob Moor, Jonathom, Jo-Naz, Jojodyne, Jorine, Joshi, Katjuscha, Kelevra Bazti, Khomatica, Khopat, KiBa, Kikx, Kimmei, Knilch, Knizpel, Kopfkasperle, Kosma Solarius, Koszki, Kraftfuttermischwerk, Krisae, Kya, Lake & gagga gaggalacka psytrance festival psychedelic trance goa thüringen thuringia dresden kulturverein music dj liveact liveset nstomp purple hexagon recordsTwister, Lala, Largo, Lars Goldammer, Leo, Lesharo, Liese, Liquid Dub, LSDj 25, Loalita, Löschi, Louie, Löwenherz, LowKey, LU, Lüder, Luki, Lunar Vegetarian, LX-D, Lyserg Zwerg, Mademoiselle ChaOz, Manaproject 2012, Mantravine, Marciana, Marc Mindtune, Marlene Wolf, Master Margherita, Mata Hari, Matt:Er, Mazzatapek, MEiK (Shine), Meister Eder, Merry:), MerrySpace, Metron, Metscalito, Miazu, Misantropia, Mischbert, Miss Verständnis, Mjutephorb, Mlle Vitale, Moarice, MO, Momo, Mondero, Monotony, Monstrous, Morphonix, Mr. Soundso, Mrs. Jones, Mutaro, Mutterkorn, Muttermilch, Naima, Naked Tourist, Nashas Huk, Nem, Neo//Lix, Nesjaja, Neuronoise, Neuronom, NiOka, Noah,, Nocti Luca, Noctilus, Nstomp (Foto), Nuky, Nullgrad, Nyama, Nyima, Oddicon, Ogrim[izer], Olga Akbal, Oli3n, Olitari, Ommsound, Ondrej Psyla, P.Schock, Padawan, Pan, Pandorah, Pandu, Papa Gott, Paranarchy, Paratox, Patara, PD Pappenheimer, Peace-Ka, Petz, Phasebong, Phasenverschiebungen, Philoso, Phil.Panda, Pi Paradox, Polly, Protonica, Psidelicat, Psilohead, Psycrow, Psydan, Psydonym, Psykaholiks, Psyorama, Psy Schilly, Ptschela, Radioactive.Cake, Radzy, Rakete, Ralle aus Halle, Random, Raoul, Raupe, Rauschzeichen, REV, René, Richie Rhythm, Riksha, Riskat, Rob Dunkel, Ronahî, Rudegirl, Rukh, S-Ayin, Saali, Saffix, Salakavala, Saltaux, Schpunk, Schraeger, Schwa, Sebastian F., Sequoya, sG4rY, Shakesphere, Shantinath, Shawnodese, Shima, Shiva Joerg, Shockrocket, Slide, Smartside, Snackshop, Sofa-Sync, Soladria, Solaris, Solar Sound Network, Son Of Nyx, Soth, Space Daddy, Spacekicca, Spacekraut, Spell, Spontanius, Steffen, Strix Aluco, Strumpf & Socke, Southwild, Subjects In PsychoSpace, Substan, Sumpfbold, Superjuice, Swabedoodah, Synthetik Chaos, T.A.C.T.A., Tapas, Tara Putra, Tatonka, Techn!ck, The Age Of Kali, The Moodman, The Project Sketch, Tickets, Trevor, Tryambaka, Tscha-Main, Tschan, Tschonas, TV, Unkraut DeLuxe, UrbaNature, V.C. Meta, Voxel.Blue, Warp Engine, Waterling, Whicked Hayo, Wongar, Xerion, Yara, Yngo Guthmann, Yohanan, Z3nkai, Zeitgeist, Zero Degree, Zettpunkt, Zwielicht, Zyprexa.

Thanx to you all !!!