25-05 Wetzlar (DE)

To sweeten the waiting time until the next Gaggalacka Festival, we will continue on Gaggalacka Tour in 2018…

Babalacka # 2

Friday 25. Mai 2018
@ TechnoDisco Wetzlar

Start: 11 pm

The Gagga year has already begun, everyone is looking forward to the first weekend in September, where the Gaggalacka will take place, as well as the people in Hesse. To shorten the waiting time for all of us, the Babalacka willbe celebrated for the second time, our Gaggalacka tour gig in Hesse. This time in Wetzlar.

This time Babalacka has packed the following: BrOth3rYs, who have just released the Purple Sangoma compilation. Moreover Eeriegeist from Mexico who will play his first liveset in Germany. He is part of the label SquareLab Music, as well as Yohanan, whose live performance will be heard. His EP comes out in early March, so watch out. Nobody knows, but it willbe popping powerful. And that’s not all: there is also the DJ Psyorama from Freiburg invited, who will spoil us with a DJ set and a live set as AronnaX. In addition, there willbe the sound of Gaggalacka DJ Superjuice as well as a B2B set of Mutterkorn and Astronom, who are already warming up for the festival. Last but not least: Miss Verständnis, a woman at the desk who understands her craft. So what awaits you is a psychedelic gagga pack! A thank you also goes to the Technodisco in Wetzlar, which has made their location available for that.

Let’s get ready for an psychedelic enlightenment. We look forward to seeing you there…!

Here is the complete program of the Babalacka:

Main Floor:

Eeriegeist live! (SquareLab Music, Mexico – MX)
AronnaX live! (BAM Records, Freiburg – DE)
Broth3rys (Purple Hexagon Records / Gaggalacka, Munich / Dresden – DE)
DJane Miss Verständnis (Chaishop.com, Düsseldorf – DE)
Mutterkorn & Astronom (Alice im Wummerland / Sangoma Records, Mannheim / Marburg – DE)

2nd Floor:

Yohanan live! ((SquareLab Music, Marburg – DE)
Superjuice (Gaggalacka / BuschBeatz, Nuremberg – DE)
Psyorama (BAM Records, Freiburg – DE)

✸ Visuals:

Mo Weird (WeirdSoundz, Bochum – DE)


12 Euros

➽ Location:

Karl-Kellner-Ring 50
35576 Wetzlar


► Infos:

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