Gaggalacka Festival is a Psytrance festival of a special kind. Since a couple of years, it marks the end of the German Open Air season and has become sort of the traditional summer closing-gathering.

Music, decor, performances and the spirit of creating “together” a project that aims for mutual understanding and communion with non-commercial ideas symbolize the pillars of our small festival. We restrain from commercial advertisement, profit oriented entrance fees.

Gaggalacka 2018

Gaggalacka Festival 2018 – The Inner Circus 30. August – 2. September The next Gaggalacka festival will take place at the end of the summer in the venus year 2018. And like always, it will be something very special again. Below you can see the countdown of the time until the festival. As at the […]

Review: Gaggalacka 2016

What an unforgettable Dream! Even we ourselves can’t believe to what our baby, the Gaggalacka, has grown to. After we had to leave our beloved stonepit in 2009 as well as the Hobbit-country in Thuringia in 2014, we faced a lot of work and high aspirations in order to find a new playground. When we […]

Review: Gaggalacka 2014

Wow, wow, wow! Each year anew … And this year the Wow is stronger and even more unbelievable. The first Wow goes to Petrus, who has clearly given his best for this Gaggalacka. Maybe he was that amazed by our energies that he decided to offer us all the sun he has betrayed us for […]